Hoard Strategy Guide: Be The Best Dragon You Can Be

Hoard Strategy Guide: Be The Best Dragon You Can Be
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Hoard Tip #1: Allow the Citizens to “Volunteer”

One of the coolest traits of Hoard is the dynamic map. When it starts, there’s nothing but a number of designated spots where castels, towns and farms might grow. As the game progresses, these entities begin to appear, and become stronger.

Towns are hostile to you at first. But they’re not castles filled with trained knights - they’re just where people live. If you do enough damage to a town, it will swear alligience to you and start sending your goodies.

This is a VERY important strategy, particularly in mutli-player. Towns not only provide you with goodies, but also provide you with relative safe-havens (the archers that towns spawn to defend themselves will fire at other dragons, but not at you). You can use this as map control, and you can sometimes lure other dragons into the range of your town defenses to kill them.

Hoard Tip #2: Don’t Stray

Although you can gather gold, gem and princesses from anywhere on the map, you can only deposit them at your hoard. This means you need to keep in mind the relationship between distance and your ability to improve your score. If you’re far away from home, you may not be doing well even if you’re finding a large amount of gold, because you have to spend too much time flying back to your hoard to desposit it.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to stay close to your hoard and move more than a screen or two away from it unless you have very good reason to do so. Leaving your hoard also leaves it up to pilfering from thieves, and that resets your score multiplier - which is a HUGE deal.

Hoard Tip #3: Don’t Fight Other Dragons

Hoard Game Guide

The most counter-intuitive part of Hoard strategy is NOT fighting other dragons. Games are almost always about fighting, and the idea of not engaging an opposing dragon near you seem counter-intuitive.

You need to learn to limit your aggression, however, because there is little benefit to fighting. The best outcome is victory, in which you will have reset your opponents score multiplier. That’s great. But it’s just as likely that you will lose, and have your multiplier reset. Or both of you may withdrawal before anyone wins, in which case you’ve simply wasted time you could have spent collecting gold.

Fighting should only happen when you have a clear advantage. If you have a town nearby with archers, and the opposing dragon does not, you have a major advantage. If you have a powerup and the opposing dragon does not, you have a major advantage. If you don’t have any advantage, you’re rolling the dice. Considering the consequences, it’s generally not a worthwhile gamble.

Hoard Tip #4: NEVER Let Your Score Multiplier Reset

Hoard is a competitive game in multi-player, but only indirectly. Instead of trying to go out and slay other dragons to win, you win by obtaining a bigger hoard than they do. You can see every dragon’s hoard value at all times.

Obtaining gems and gold and such is obviously an important part of increasing your hoard, but many players forget that Hoard strategy is all about score, and nothing but. This means they take risks that rest their score multiplier. There are two things that result in a reset.

    1. Being reduced to 0HP
    1. Having a portion of your hoard stolen by a thief

If you want to win, you can’t let these things happen often. The score multiplier maxes out at 3x, and that’s huge. If you come back with a haul of 10,000 gold with no multiplier, you only have 10,000 gold. If you have the 3x multiplier, that obviously increases to 30,000 gold. You didn’t have to do extra work for the extra gold, either.


Hopefully this Hoard strategy guide has been of some value to you. Remember:

  • Force towns to serve you
  • Don’t stray far from your hoard
  • Don’t start fights you aren’t certain to win
  • NEVER let your score multiplier reset

If you do these things, you will win much more often than not.