Browser WWII Games: Navy Force Review

Browser WWII Games: Navy Force Review
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Navy Force

Navy Force is a browser based MMO war game. Players build up a base, naval yard, and collect resources. To build ships and aircraft players need blueprints, which are limited use. Players can win blueprints in combat or purchase them in game store with game cash. Players start with a few blueprints to get a fleet set up and ready for combat. In the player’s base, they can build aircraft and recruit assault troops for landing operations. Through a research center technology is researched which helps improve the players base and units. Resources are traded for gold, which is required to build units and upgrade structures. Ships include destroyers, frigates, cruisers, aircraft carriers, assault craft and others. The game play takes part in the World War II era.

Your Base (4 out of 5)

Navy Force

Navy Force is divided into three main areas your main base, the naval yard, and the resource area. In the main base you’ll build your headquarters, aircraft hanger, storage facilities, research center, and more. In the resource area, you’ll drill for oil, mine steel, and cut wood for your three main resources. Other specialized resources are also available in the game. The naval yard features your normal shipyard, the aircraft carrier shipyard, a trade port, a submarine pen and other buildings. All three areas have defenses such as guns, trenches, or artillery for added protection. Players need to continue to upgrade structures to unlock the higher levels of other buildings. Each structure gives you the requirements for the next level. You can enter many structures to build troops, make aircraft, conduct trade, or build ships for example. Once buildings reach higher levels you can conduct research for further base and naval improvements.

Blueprints (2 out of 5)

To build any ship or plane you’ll need blueprints. You do start with several blueprints so you can build ships right away but these are limited use plans. As you take combat missions and explore the map, you may loot additional blueprints for use. The only other way to get the blueprints is to buy them from the game store with ammo or coupons, which are the game’s currencies. You get some of both to start and a bit more through missions but the bulk of them you’ll have to buy. This makes it very difficult for the player who doesn’t want to pay to build any sort of decent fleet in the game. If you don’t have ships, you can win blueprints through missions. Once you have a blueprint, it expires after a few uses so you can’t build more until you have additional blueprints. This might be a good idea for more advanced ships like aircraft carriers but for average game play, it’s not a very good design decision. You’ll struggle to build ships in this game if you don’t want to pay, and most won’t.

Graphics/Sound/Interface (3 out of 5)

Navy Force

Navy Force doesn’t include any sound but it looks great for a browser game. Your naval yard and base have various structures that are wall well modeled. You can see the defensive guns surrounding your bases too. Visit your port and you’ll see the ships you have built sitting in your harbor waiting for combat operations. The game is easy to move around in but some of the menus are a bit difficult to work with since there are so many options. The interface to make your ships into fleets is a bit difficult to understand at first. You can organize your ships into three fleets currently in the game. Once you have your fleet ready you can click the game map and pick a grid tile to attack.

Combat/Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

Navy Force

Combat in Navy Force is all text-based but you do get some nice reports back. Combat lasts a series of rounds or stages. After each stage, you can read the reports and see how you do. You may loot items such as chests or even blueprints at the end of the rounds. You can also take part in some animated training combat in the game to test different fleets. It’s odd that this wasn’t included in the game combat since it’s the best part of the game but it’s only a training mode. You can enter the simulation training from the military academy. If this feature were added to the general combat since it would improve this game immensely. Like most borowser games you can join an alliance eor play the game on your own. You generally have better results when you join an alliance in browser games.

Overall Game Play/Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Navy Force is a good game but it lacks a few things. The lack of animated combat is puzzling since you can watch ships fight each other in the training mode of the game. Navy Force doesn’t fill up your screen and plays in a window so it would be nice it have a full screen mode. There’s enough ships and aircraft to keep this game interesting but the need for blueprints is a pain. You can of course buy them with real life cash but not many people will want to. Blueprints can be looted during combat but I have yet to loot even a simple plan with several fights already under my belt. The game does look nice and it’s fun to play but these small things keep it from being the game it could be. Navy Force ends up being just another average browser game.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Navy Force.