Browser MMO Games: Hero Civilization Review

Browser MMO Games: Hero Civilization Review
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Hero Civilization Game Basics (3 out of 5)

Hero Civilization is a browser based RTS game with the typical medieval feel to it. In the game, you have a main base that needs to be filled with resources, technology, barracks, hero buildings and the typical fare for a game such as this one. Heroes play a main role in this game and your armies can move around the game map and fight other player cities or NPC armies. The game features a large number of quests, which help you learn about Hero Civilization and give you some much needed early resources. To get the most out of the game players should join alliances and get to know other players. There’s a unique wall post feature where you can tag messages for other players in the game or you can use the in-game chat system.

City Building (3 out of 5)

Hero Civilization

Hero Civilization features the same city building and upgrade features as many browser games in this genre. You have a series of structures available for your base and you need to upgrade them to higher levels to unlock all the units, technology and other buildings in the game. There’s an academy where you can research technologies to make your city and units better, the typical barracks for troops, the town hall, a market for goods, and so on. Outside your city, you’ll find mines, farms, and lumber mills for your food, wood, stone, and iron production. As your city increases in population, you’ll make more gold too.

Combat (4 out of 5)

Unlike many browser games, this game features some nice animated combat. You can see your armies attacking cities and other units. While the combat isn’t spectacular, it’s a lot better than the standard text combat of other games. There’s a variety of units to choose from such as standard infantry, archers, knights, and seize equipment. Your heroes can learn new skills and use different weapons or equip armor. As you fight in battles, your hero units will level and become more powerful. As you get better you can own new cities and grow your empire.

Overall Game Play (3 out of 5)

Hero Civilization

Hero Civilization has enough content to keep you busy but it’s not for everyone since there’s a lot of waiting in this game for things to build. While some structures will take a few minutes as you upgrade them it will take hours and even days for them to complete to the higher level. Combat can be fun and there are plenty of areas on the map to explore and fight NPCs. You’ll want to join a alliance playing this game or start your own. There are plenty of quests to do but there get boring since you’re just build structures or upgrading a building. There are some combat mission based quests so these break up the boredom to some degree. Overall, the game is fun to play and is on average for a browser game.

Graphics/Sound (3 out of 5)

Hero Civilization

The game has some nice graphics and the map is well detailed. Although there is a sound button, the game doesn’t appear to have any sound currently. Your city looks great but some of the icons are a bit small. Clicking the icons on the map give you the level you need to be before attacking so you don’t end up wasting your troops there. There are some nice animations during combat and you’ll feel like you’re in a battle. It’s nice to play a browser game without the standard boring text combat

Game Interface/Multiplayer (2 out of 5)

The game interface is a bit cumbersome since there’s so many buttons and options. It would be nice if the game had some simple buttons because it’s overwhelming at times, especially for new players. On the game map you can’t just click your city to get back there you need to go to the small map on the right hand side and click lord, then your city. This is a bit awkward and it would be easier just to click your city and enter which is typical for other browser war games. Players need an alliance to have any success with the game. Click your embassy to join an alliance and get involved with multiplayer.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Hero Civilization offers enough content to be a good browser game. The combat is fun since it’s animated and not text-based like other browser games. Join an alliance for the most benefit and do the quests to learn the game.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Hero Civilization.