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Plumet Review - Freeware PC Games
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Somewhat Addictive, Completely Shallow - Plumet Review

Plumet is a somewhat difficult game to review. It’s completely playable, it’s certainly enjoyable, and it can definitely be addictive. But unlike so many other Flash games that warrant playing them over again and again, Plumet isn’t as gripping as it should be. This is due primarily to the fact that its simple design is much more fitting for the iPhone than your web browser.

Plumet Gameplay (2 out of 5)

You run, fall, run some more, and fall some more.

Plumet is your standard one-more-try offering that makes you want to play repeatedly just so you can beat your high score. As the screen continuously scrolls down, you must guide your character downward from platform to platform. If you touch the top of the screen, it’s game over. What makes the game challenging is the constant change in platforms. You have to navigate down gaps, but these gaps are located at random spots, which means once you go through the first gap and hit the next platform, you’ll have to run either left or right to fall down the next gap.

It’s an ongoing process that’s simple fun, but it can be a little too simple at times. Plenty of individuals are bound to get hooked on the game’s accessible mechanics, but the more hardcore crowd is likely to only get a few minutes of enjoyment from Plumet.

Controls (4 out of 5)

Possibly the strongest aspect of Plumet is its control scheme. Running from left to right and rolling are all mapped to the computer keyboard’s arrow keys. This method of control is very functional, and it’s easy to get accustomed to it as you guide your character down each platform. I’ve heard some players mention that they wish the game had WASD support, and while this would certainly make sense, the arrow keys work just fine. Plumet really is the type of game that benefits from as simple of a control scheme as possible, and the existing controls prove that.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

Plumet has a nice hand-drawn look to it.

Plumet has a cheery, colorful look typical of its Flash design. The whole thing has this hand-drawn charm to it that really works. There are some unlockable characters in the game, and each of these has its own stylized appeal. Whether you’re playing as a skinny Santa Clause or a zombie, Plumet’s character design is pretty good overall. It’s a shame the game doesn’t look a bit more lively. As you fall further, the background changes color or gets darker. While this is a cool little trick, some additions to the backgrounds and foregrounds would most certainly be appreciated. I can’t help but feel that Plumet would benefit greatly from some slight motion effects akin to those in Fancy Pants Adventures. That said, Plumet’s visual design isn’t bad, it just doesn’t take even the slightest of risks.

Sound (2 out of 5)

This game is definitely designed with the casual crowd in mind.

The game’s sound design is almost on par with the graphical style. The simple techno theme that plays in the background is enjoyable and catchy, but because you hear it so much as you play, it’s difficult not to get tired of it. The constant looping doesn’t help the game’s overly simplistic score, and some added tracks, maybe as you progress further, would have made the game a treat for the ears. Plenty of other simple Flash games have included more than a handful of tracks, and because the single song in Plumet is actually enjoyable, you have to believe some additional tracks would have sounded great.

Plumet Review - Overall Score (2 out of 5)

Plumet is the type of game that some people will play for a long time. They’ll return to it countless times to improve their high scores, and they’ll get a total kick out of it. Others, however, simply will not get a whole lot of enjoyment out of it. Unlike games such as Pac-Man or Tetris, which are incredibly simple themselves, Plumet doesn’t have anything that truly enhances its gameplay all that much. Even The Blocks Cometh, which is also very accessible, has more staying power, and this is largely due to the little quirks the developers threw in to really make gamers want to keep playing.

If you’re a casual gamer looking for a quick and decent way to pass the time, Plumet is likely to be your type of game. All other gamers need not apply.