Ultima VII Walkthrough: Trinsic

Ultima VII Walkthrough: Trinsic
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Ultima VII Walkthrough: Trinsic - Investigating a Murder

When you first arrive in Trinsic, you’re greeted by Iolo, your companion from previous Ultima games, and Finnigan, the town mayor. Apparently the town blacksmith, Christopher, has been brutally murdered. Agree to look into the case.

The bodies of Christopher and his gargoyle assistant, Inamo, are in the stables right next to you. Pick up the key next to Christopher’s body.

Go west to the Fellowship Hall and talk to Klog, the branch leader, and Ellen, his wife. You’ll learn that Christopher was threatening to leave the Fellowship and that two Fellowship members, Elizabeth and Abraham, have left for Britain. Head west and south to the healer’s to talk to Gilberto, the town guard, who was knocked out the night of the murder. He’ll tell you of a ship, the Crown Jewel, that was gone by the time he woke up.

To the north and center of town, you’ll find Spark’s house (the only two-story building in town). Spark is Christopher’s son, and witnessed a man with a hook and a wingless gargoyle fleeing the murder scene. If you like, you can add Spark to your party. Use the key from the murder scene to open the chest on the second floor; you’ll find some gold, a Fellowship medallion, and a note.

Talk to Finnegan in the town hall, located behind the Fellowship hall, and tell him what you found. Before he’ll let you leave, he asks some copy protection questions. Since Ultima VII: The Black Gate is available for free legally, here are the answers:

  • Latitude of Spektran: 120
  • Longtitude of Buccaneers Den: 60
  • Longtitude of Terfin: 120
  • Latitude of Dagger Isle: 0
  • Latitude of Skara Brae: 30
  • Latitude of the Deep Forest: 60
  • Latitude of Buccaneers Den: 60
  • Longtitude of Skara Brae: 60

Ultima VII Walkthrough: Trinsic - Murder Scene

Investigating the Murder

Finding the Bodies

Ultima VII Walkthrough: Trinsic - Things to Do

Trinsic Cheat Room

Before you leave Trinsic, make sure to do some “shopping.” You can pick up most everything lying on the ground and put it in your pack, but the townspeople and your companions will get angry at you, and most loot isn’t sellable anyway. Your best bet is to wait until people aren’t looking, pick up only things you know you’ll need, and put them into your companions' packs; that way, they’re the ones doing the stealing, and they can’t get mad at you for it.

The weapon shop is to the west of town. Move the shields on the ground to reveal a lever, which opens the back room. Take whatever equipment you like.

Gargan, the shipwright, is to the northeast. Buy or steal a sextant, which you can double-click to find your coordinates. He also has some gold bars and lockpicks, which will come in handy.

Just outside Trinsic, to the southwest, you’ll find a locked treasure chest under the tree. Attack it until it opens to reveal a set of magic armor, 600 gold, a crossbow, magic bolts, a sword of defense, a fire sword, swamp boots, and three rings. To the east of Trinsic is a ship with a hold full of food.

Finally, check out the cheat room. You can access it by stacking crates into steps to the roof of the blacksmith’s shop (located in the southwest corner of town). Walk behind the chimney to enter a room full of chests. You’ll find a full spell book and bag of reagents, eight sets of magic armor (enough for every member of a full party), and powerful magic weapons such as the Hoe of Destruction. The next room contains teleporters to major locations and copies of plot-relevant items, in case you get stuck later.