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Kingdom Heroes Preview and Beta Information

by: William R Lee ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you ready to take over China, building an army from a group of volunteers and climbing your way up the military and political food chain until you own cities, armies, and then eventually all of the land? Check out Kingdom Heroes!

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    Kingdom Heroes: A Dream Come True

    I remember playing Dynasty Warriors 3 a couple years ago with a friend of mine and thinking that it would be awesome if I could be beating the crap out of all my friends at once with my excellent, spear-toting, one-man-army of a character. Later on i found out about the Romance of The Three Kingdoms novels and strategy games and wished I had more people that i could share my love of these games with. Now my hopes-and probably others as well-have finally been answered with the new MMO game Kingdom Heroes.

    The game isn't fully released yet, but in this article you'll get some info on both a Kingdom Heroes preview and beta information.

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    Kingdom Heroes In A League Of Its Own

    There are countless different MMOs out in the market today. It is no surprise for someone to start a promising new MMO to find out that it is just the same old game they've already played with a different title and scenery that is a little different. How can a Kingdom Heroes MMO restore your faith in trying out a new mmo? Well, Kingdom Heroes puts a different spin on the MMO that makes it almost a completely different genre of game.

    In Kingdom Heroes even if you want to tackle the game alone, train by yourself for a while, or you just havent made any friends to play the game with yet, you can still play the game to the fullest of extents. In other MMOs there is only so much you can do by yourself, in Kingdom Heroes however you stay true to the Three Kingdoms era and you get to be a powerful warrior who can recruit others into their command. This isn't just joining someones guild. While you can join up with other players still, you also have the option of having NPCs join you and you can lead them into battle.

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    What Type Of Kingdom Heroes Army Will You Have?

    upgrade chart for males One thing I found out while doing this Kingdom Heroes preview is that the NPC Unit System wasn't just a gimmick to make the game stand out. They really fleshed out the idea and it has some really great points to it. One of the great things about the Kingdom Heroes NPCs is that they are incredibly customizable. Not only can you name them and do the normal things you would do with created characters, but they grow just like your main character does.

    Each unit has the potential to go down one of many different paths. So you can have your soldiers be bowmen, lancers, martial artists, calvary and various other things that can either compliment your main character's strengths or cover some of your weaknesses. Likewise you can enhance your strength or cover holes in you character by using various different formations of your recruited army. one last great thing about the Kingdom Heroes NPCs is that you don't choose them or other players, you can keep your army and band up with other players and their squads as well.

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    What Type Of Kingdom Will You Have In Kingdom Heroes?

    PvP  With different players and their squadrons joining together, their is great potential for truly epic gameplay. The Kingdom Heroes Beta does not fail in this aspect. You can take your army and take over and rule cities throughout the world of Kingdom Heroes and every week there is an epic PvP Kingdom Battle that has entire kingdoms fighting against each other.

    Not only does this give you some of the largest MMO battles ever, but it perfectly recreates the essence of a real war from all those centuries ago. The battles also have incredible siege engines and great sea warfare. It really covers every aspect of war you can think of.

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    Kingdom Heroes Beta Information

    If you're interested in joining what is bound to be one of the hottest new MMOs out on the market, you can sign up on the game makers (Aeriagames) website. Just go here and click on "Getting Started". Then you just follow the prompts to complete a registration, download the game, and then start playing, all for free.