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4 Ways to Play the PawnBroker in World of Kung Fu

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

If you are one of the thousands of players world wide who have fallen in love with the free MMO game, World of Kung Fu, then you know that just like in any MMO game, you have to have money to survive. So, here is a few tips to help you play the PawnBroker in your favor in the game.

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    Want to be rich?

    When it comes to World of Kung Fu, the PawnBroker is just like the auction house on several other games. Here is how they work: a player gets an item (anything from materials to armor to special pieces), they can not use it or do not want it, so they take it to the NPC to place it on the auction block for other players to bid on and purchase. The player lists the item for a set amount to start the bidding at and normally lists a buy out price so other players who do not want to wait for the auction to end, can purchase it right away. Then, once all the fields are filled in, the auction is set up. Other players can then search the auctions for what they need or want, and when they find it, they have the option to bid on it or buy it outright.

    But the auction or PawnBroker is not just a place to sell your goods: it's also a place where players can make tons of money if they are smart or if they know what they are doing. So, here are 4 ways that you can play the PawnBroker to earn more money that you thought possible.

    1. Only place items on the PawnBroker on Friday nights - no, this won't cost you sales, in fact, it will make you more money, and here is why: many players only have the time to play and search out the items that they need on the auctions on weekends. So, if you place your items on the auctions on Friday and set them for 48 hours, more people will see them and you will have a better chance to sell everything at one time. This is great for quest items that you can pick up even if you are not on the quest, such as the quests in the Stone Forest.

    2. Research like items first and undercut - this means that you need to take the time to check what the item you want to sell is currently going for. For example, if 10 steel hilts are going for 5,000 gold, then you want to place your 10 steel hilts on the auction for 4,000 gold. Even if your auction is only a little bit less than the others, you will get the first sales because other players will see that yours is cheaper.

    3. Look for good deals - while you are researching, if you see something that is majorly underpriced, buy it out and then place it back on auction for more money. Let's talk about the steel hilts again, say that 20 steel hilts are going for between 10,000 and 12,000 gold, but there is a listing of 30 for 4,000 gold. This is a great deal, and you want to buy it out, then place them right back on auction for closer to the amount that the others are going for. The trick is to know when the deal is worth it and when there just is not enough mark up.

    4. Make mat runs - once or twice a week, if you have the time, head to the beginning areas and just kill stuff and collect herbs, trees, and ores. Grind on the mobs that will drop goods that people need to craft things, such as cabbages, animal fur, and cotton. The longer that you have to collect and grind, the better stacks you will have to place on the auction. Keep these all saved up until the weekend and then place them on the auction so that weekend players will be able to get what they need to craft quickly

    If you just follow these simple tips for playing the PawnBroker in World of Kung Fu, you will find that you will start to build up your gold faster than you thought possible.