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World of Kung Fu - Levels 10-15

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Now that you have hit level 10, you'll want to get up to level 20 as soon as you can. While there will be some grinding involved here, it's not hard to get up to level 15 asap.

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    Now that you are level 10, you can start picking up the quests that are available to you in Liuhe. First, you want to make sure that you head over to the inn and make Liuhe your new home in case you need to head back there at any time.

    Once this is your new home, you need to get "Fortune-Telling" from Fortuneteller Chunyun and "Extermination of the Tiger Bandits" from the Yamen Watchman.

    You'll then head back out into the forest and go kill the Tiger Bandits for that quest and grind a bit while you're on the way there and back. You should easily be a few bars from leveling when you start on your way back and you should have some great items in your bags to sell. If you aren't close to level 12, grind until you are. When you're done with killing all the Tiger Bandits, head back and turn those quests in.

    This should put you over level 12, so head out and get "Extermination of Theives" from Zhou Lanzhi, "Lost Fishing Rod" from Zhou Dun, "Deliver Parcel" from Zhou Erlun, "Revenge", and "Kiddie Fight". Go turn in "Kiddie Fight" and then head out and do the other quests.

    *NOTE: you will ding level 13 while you're out doing these quests, but don't head back to town until you have gotten all of these quests finished. On your way back to Liuhe, make sure that you grind a bit on the mobs that will give you xp. You want to be right at level 14 when you go back to turn these in

    Once you have everything done, head back to Liuhe and turn them all in. Since you should be over level 14 after turning in all of those quests, you need to go get: "Sansheng Stone", "Steamed Bread", "Iron String", "Arrive Yicheng", and "Winged Tiger".

    Here is where you go now, take the stone to the entrance to Taoyuan. Head to the south in the forest and find some people to help you with "Winged Tiger". There are normally higher level people here camping him, so you might ask if they can help you kill him for your quest. Once you've killed him, then you want to go turn it in.

    Now, head into the Stone Forest and do "Iron String", but, you want to run all the way to Yicheng (simply use your map to get there). Grind if you want to on mobs that are your level, and keep any iron feathers and meat that you get off the birds as you can turn them in on another quest. Turn in "Arrive Yicheng" when you get there and then travel back to Liuhe through the Travel Officer.

    Go turn in "Winged Tiger", "Steamed Bread", and "Iron String". This should put you well over level 15, if you aren't already.