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World of Kung Fu - Free Beginning Leveling Guide

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you one of the thousands of MMO gamers that have fallen in love with World of Kung Fu? I know that I am, and sometimes leveling can be a pain. So, here is a free leveling guide to help you out!

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    In The Beginning

    When you start out in World of Kung Fu and choose your toon, you should know that you'll be doing the same quests as the other gamers that are joining you. The trick is that you will have a few quests here and there that will be for your specific weapon type - but not many.

    Also, leveling can be slow the higher you go as you will find that you have to grind out levels all too often. But, by simply going to Taoyuan and heading into the temple to log out, you will gain experience while you're gone that will help with those times when you have to grind out a level.

    But, for those quests that you need to do in between, here is your quest list to get you from level 1 up to 10 as quick as possible.

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    Taoyuan - Your Starting Point

    No matter what weapon type you choose, you will start in Taoyuan. The first person that you'll see will be the Novice Mentor and you will get "Preface" from him. Turn it in to Grand Master ZiDai, and get "Go Down Hill".

    You'll do that, and turn it in to get "Instruction" which will send you to your specific trainer. Once you are done with that, head to the coordinates 966, 787 and get "Lovely Dog" and "Search for the Horse". You will head out into the forest and do these, as the coordinates are in your quest list, and then turn them in.

    Go back to Grand Master ZiDai and get "Life Skills" which will help you learn how to harvest materials and then turn it in. Go get "Mining Training" from the Production Master in Taoyuan. You'll be able to do this at a ore node nearby and turn it in to him. Then, head right next to him and get "Diving Arms" from the Yamen Watchman and turn it in.

    Now, you'll head over to GM ZiDai and get "Construction Training" and do it. At the same time, you'll also pick up "Special Wine". When you have done your training quest, you'll be able to get "Challenge" and "Red Pillow". Do them and turn them in.

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    Then, head to Liuhe and turn in "Challenge" and get "Rock, Paper, Scissors". Personally, I try a few times to do this one, and then if I don't get it, I skip it.

    Head over and turn in "Special Wine" and get and turn in "Warlord's Favorite". This should have you ding level 10. If not, then you should be so close that you can easily go out and grind a bit so that you can ding.

    The next part of our free guide for World of Kung Fu will take you up to level 20 as quickly as I know how!