World of Kung Fu MMORPG: PC Game Review

World of Kung Fu MMORPG: PC Game Review
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Screenshots from World of Kung Fu

One of the beautiful artwork landing pages between game zones

Gathering scene from WoKF

5 out of 5 (5 out of 5)

While not a huge fan of any type of anime, the newest free to play game on the market, World of Kung Fu, has completely changed my mind.  I am a very hard core gamer, and I love everything that there is about PC games.  I have played 90% of the free to play MMO games on the market, and had yet to be impressed enough with any of them to rate them higher than maybe a 3.5 out of 5.  But, when I heard about this new free game, and the fact that it is set in ancient times, with ancient Kung Fu tactics, I had to give it a try.  I began playing toward the end of June, and instantly fell in love with the game itself.  There are so many different aspects to this game that I am in love with, that it is almost hard to know where to start.  So, I’ll start at the beginning…. the game interface.

The interface of the game is very similar to some of the other popular MMO games, such as World of Warcraft, but with an Asian feel.  While it did take me a little bit to wander around the interface and learn where everything was, the game itself offers the first few quests as tutors for the interface and even gives you a small “test” to see what you have learned.  The interface itself is bright and colorful, and really easy to use once you learn where everything is and what buttons do what.  So, the ease of the interface makes the game more easy to learn and progress through. The next area that we’ll review is the quests in-game.  One of the most awesome things that I love about this game is that when you pull up your quest log, the quest description will actually give you the coordinates in-game to where you need to go to complete that specific part of the quest.  You simply click on the link to the coordinates, and boom - off you go!  This is in about 95% of the quests that you will get in the game.  (To me, this is leveling heaven, because you don’t have to spend all of your time wandering around trying to find where you need to go.) The quests are usually pretty easy.  There are a few that you will have to find a team for, but even these are pretty easy to even new players. And now, on to the characters that you can choose from… there are 9 different classes that you can choose from, all of which revolve around a specific weapon instead of races or classes.  These are: sword, hook, fan, fist, hammer and axe (these two are the same), broadsword, spear, bow, and staff.  The majority of these classes are single handed weapons, except for hook, hammer and axe, and spear.  While the spear is one long weapon, the hook and hammer and axe are all dual wield and look wickedly amazing.  (Personally, I am addicted to the hook…)  You can choose from a man or woman, and you get to choose all the different items, such as hair styles, hair colors, facial features, and more.  But, each different class offers different hair styles and colors that some do not, which makes it cool to see which ones you can choose.  All of the classes have their different perks, and each will tell you about the main attributes that they have.  The hook class is the most similar to a paladin in WoW, so those pally lovers will love the hooks… other classes can also heal, but not all.

Ok, so we move on to the graphics and the fluidity of the game.  Personally, I was amazed at the graphics and the artwork here.  I posted a few screenshots so you can see some of the bright, beautiful graphics that are throughout the game, and you can find tons more on the main site for the game as well  I am so amazed that this is a free game with the level of graphics that are in-game. In my opinion (and a few other hard core gamers I know), I think that the artwork and the graphics in the World of Kung Fu rival, and even surpass World of Warcraft. The fluidity of the game… or how well the game flows while you are in it… is spectacular.  This game flows smoothly from zone to zone, area to area, no matter if you are running, walking, or riding.  There are no choppy areas, no bugged areas (that I have found yet), and even the landing areas in between zones of the game are fast and fluid as well.  Plus, you get to look at some brilliant artwork while you wait for the next zone to load.

The economy in World of KungFu is extremely similar to other MMO games that are out on the market.  And, this one is flourishing.  Since you can collect any of the three types of mats (or materials for you non-gamers), wood, herbs, and ores, you have no problem gathering up anything you need to learn your crafting skills.  Personally, I have already made a ton of gold in game just by gathering mats and selling them on the auction house… it is amazing how well the economy is in a free game.

Just like any other MMO game, there will be certain things that you don’t like.  For me, it is the fact that there are too many players that “camp” bosses… but hey, for you it might be something else.  Overall though, this is one game that you simply cannot miss playing.  Even if you pay for other games each month, I know that you can get burnt out and need something else to satisfy your gaming fix… well, here it is and it won’t cost you a cent.  So, when you are ready for something new, something fresh, something unique, and something that is well worth playing - you need to hit up and download this free MMO game.