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Free Sheet Music Nintendo

Sheet music is the rendering of a song with musical notes so that, assuming you can read music, a person can play the song themselves. You’ll find different pieces of sheet music for a variety of instruments in song books for purchase or even for free on the internet.

Every generation likes to look back fondly on the music they grew up with. For aspiring musicians this is a good opportunity to take out the guitar or sit at the piano and play a few notes of the songs they adore. For video game music this might not seem ideal, particularly if you remember those tunes mostly as beeps and boops, but there are plenty of web sites out there where anyone can find sheet music.

Nintendo games in particular have an iconic history in the world of music. In this article I present to you my picks for the best locations on the internet for finding Nintendo sheet music that is free. The time has come for you to learn to appreciate your favorite video game songs on another level; by playing them.

Ninty Fresh (3 out of 5)

Free sheet music isn’t hard to find, but it’s hard to find Nintendo sheet music of a high quality. Ninty Fresh’s selection is low compared to some of the other sites in this article, but you’ll find more obscure songs here too. It’s not too hard to find the sheet music for the Super Mario Bros. Theme with a quick google search, but perhaps you’d be more inclined to play the bike theme from Pokémon Gold/Silver for the original GameBoy at a party instead. In that case the obscurity will benefit in that fans of the game will recognize it but you won’t annoy anyone who isn’t too keen on video game culture.

Unfortunately, Ninty Fresh is updated by one person and so this small collection isn’t going to grow any time soon. However, you are free to make requests and report on sheet music that doesn’t sound accurate.

Ninty Fresh

Sheet Music Swap (5 out of 5)

This is one of the nicer web sites I found. Sheet Music Swap has a nice clean interface and the ability to search for sheet music by instrument. Other web sites will give you trouble sometimes because the music might not sound good on a particular instrument and you might not realize what is wrong until you’ve invested considerable time learning to play the song. Finding music specifically for the piano, guitar, or any other instrument makes this site the best of the bunch. It also features an outstanding large collection of Nintendo sheet music in addition to music from other video game companies. The ability to browse songs based on how difficult they are to play is also a life saver for those just getting into music and wanting something simple to start with.

The only downside here is that because it’s a music swap you’re dealing with sheet music from users of the web site. To that end, not every bit of music is created equal. Furthermore, this web site includes music from all sorts of places, not just video games. Yet the ability to search by video game music nullifies this complaint. You’ll find a lot of great stuff here.

Sheet Music Swap

Nintendo Sheet Music (4 out of 5)

Think of this website as a bigger Ninty Fresh. It features its fair share of well known and obscure Nintendo sheet music and it’s all free free free! It’s certainly a good site to dive into after you’ve gotten a little better at playing songs from sheet music. You won’t have any of the fancy stuff here like at Sheet Music Swap such as the ability to search by instrument and difficulty. In fact, you won’t even know what piece of sheet music is for what instrument until you load it up and see the instrument noted on the next to the music notes themselves. This is a major drawback for the site’s ease of use, but ultimately you are still getting free sheet music from it so it’s hard to call it a deal breaker.

It’s worth noting that not all listed songs on this site will feature sheet music you can load up easily. Some utilize PDF files to display the music but others only support .mus files, which can only be opened with Finale Reader, downloadable software that makes it easier for everyone to share music.

Nintendo Sheet Music

Riulyn’s RPG Sheet Music Shrine (4 out of 5)

This site specializes in sheet music for RPGs, which means you’ll find some games that released on Nintendo consoles and some that didn’t. It is a great collection of music for this genre, however. The various songs with sheet music available for download are rated as well which helps you find some quality songs fast if you’re not already familiar with the music and want to try something new.

It’s worth noting that a lot of the music on this site originally comes from composer Nobuo Uematsu. He is the renowned composer of the Final Fantasy series and Chrono Trigger. If you’re not familiar with his work I definitely recommend you give this site a look as he has written some of the greatest video game music ever.

Not everything here is from Nintendo’s history, but much of it is. This is a great site to check out when you want to expand your horizons a little bit.

Riulyn’s RPG Sheet Music Shrine