Seven-Year-Old Plays League of Legends – Learning to play LoL as a New Player


Leauge of Legends is an newly released MMORTS from Riot Games, the creators of Defense of the Ancients. DoTA, as it is affectionately known by its players, is a mod of the Warcraft III engine that allows players to pick champions with various powers in order to battle each other. Following similar game design, LoL allows players to serve in the role of Summoners, and each Summoner is allowed to pick a champion to defend and attack each other.

LoL is played online against other players, but the game also allows players to play against bots, computer controlled champions. Please note that the seven year old girl in this interview has only been allowed to play with bots and a few practice games. Parents should only allow young children online with careful supervision.

Favorite Characters and Basic Observations

Ashe, the Frost Archer

What is your favorite character to play?

Ashe and Nunu. I like Ashe because she can hurt people from the farthest distance. I like Nunu because many of his attacks are very strong.

Who do you like to have on your team?

Nunu, Sivir, Rhyze, and Gangplank.

What is your favorite ultimate?

Cannon Barrage because you can put it anywhere on the map.

Who do you like to play with?

Mommy and Daddy.

Is League of Legends hard?

Yes. You have to have a certain amount of skill. If you don’t have the skills, it won’t be too easy. It will be super hard.

What’s your favorite part of the game?

When you can get your ult when you are at level 6.

Which character do you think is the cutest?

I think Teemo is the cutest because of his little smile. He’s the only cute one.

What character do you think is scariest?

Rhyze is the scariest because he can use some super scary moves, and he’s also really ugly. All of his moves are serious damage.

Which character do you think is the most beautiful?

Janna and Ashe. All of their hair and style makes them beautiful.

Which character looks the coolest?

Gangplank, Nunu, and Cho’Gath. Gangplank looks cool because of all of his clothes and how he poses. He soaks his blade, and he is quick. Nunu looks cool because of the yeti’s white, shimmering fur. He has a cool walk, and all his colors match. Cho’Gath looks cool because of his red, dark color and his hands can cross. He looks like a big, mean bug that can eat people.

What characters would you like to buy?

Teemo, the Swift Scout

Ashe, Nunu, Teemo, Gangplank, and Tristana.

What makes League of Legends fun?

You get to work together to beat the other team. The graphics are really pretty, too. Teemo’s mushrooms are fun except when Daddy runs over them when they’re not on his side. He doesn’t like that.

Improving League of Legends for a 7-year-old

What’s your best record?

17/0/3 with Ashe. I got Legendary that time. I don’t get that every time.

What power would you like to see in League of Legends?

I want a power called Copy. It would be a Summoner Spell, and you could copy anyone’s power on the board for 2 minutes, and they would have a copy of yours. Then I could have Ashe’s ult and Nunu’s ult. Maybe I could have Pirate’s ult and Ashe’s ult. You can’t have more than three ults.

If you were going to create your own character, what would it be like?

chogath port

I would make a scary character that was dark purple, blue, red, and white. It would look like a giant chameleon with googly eyes. It would have Lick. It makes you pull out a giant tongue to lick someone, and it can stun. Then it could Tail Whack. It uses its tail to whack somebody far away. It can also slow somebody. There’s Climb. It raises his speed. His ult is Camouflage. He camouflages himself and not even a tower can see him. He sneaks up on his enemy, springs on them, and does serious damage. It can also stun somebody. His name would be Chamelecon.

Would you tell your friends to play this game?

Yes, because you need a lot of skill. There’s a lot of cool characters, cute characters, ugly characters, tough characters, and cool characters. Most of all, it is fun. You get to destroy towers and get inside people’s bases. You can destroy their giant nexus. It has a lot of health.


League of Legend's intense graphics and beautifully rendered characters leave players, even the seven-year-old ones, begging for more. While each champion is easy to learn, they take much time and practice to master. The variety of champions appeals to many, many types of players and play styles while allowing the game to remain fairly balanced. In conclusion, LoL is actually a game that can be played with your children in a protected environment since the entire system is fairly versatile not to mention fun.