L.A. Noire Newspaper Locations

L.A. Noire Newspaper Locations
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The L.A. Noire newspaper items are scattered throughout Los Angeles, and you have to find them. During the game, these newspapers provide information you don’t get directly from character interactions, and give you a fun cinematic to watch. Aside from that, are needed to fully complete the game with a 100% ranking. There are 13 newspapers in all, and they are found during all of the missions.

L.A. Noire Newspapers 1-4


Newspaper 1

The first L.A. Noire newspaper is found in the Upon Reflection mission. As soon as the mission begins, head towards the alley. Look for a few crates towards the right, nearby a staircase. On one of the crates you will find the newspaper.

Newspaper 2

In The Driver’s Seat case, go through the mission until you are at the Black’s mansion. This newspaper is so obvious that it is easy to miss. Check the dining room table, and right there you will find the second newspaper.

Newspaper 3

In case three, A Marriage Made in Heaven, you will find the third newspaper. Just go into Ray’s Cafe and look for the bartender. Right next to him, you will find the newspaper sitting on the bar.

Newspaper 4

A Fallen Idol is where the fourth newspaper is found. Speak with Marlon Hopgood to be lead into the sound room. When you are brought outside, look towards the right. There will be a pile of tables and dumpsters. On a table you will find the next L.A. Noire newspaper.

L.A. Noire Newspapers 5-8

300px-Newspaper 2

Newspaper 5

In the Red Lipstick Murder, go to the Henry residence. Right after entering, before doing anything else, look for a cabinet. On the floor nearby the cabinet, you will find the fifth newspaper.

Newspaper 6

The White Shoe Slaying is where the next newspaper can be found. Go into the Hobo camp, and on the table made from crates you will find the newspaper.

Newspaper 7

In Black Caesar, enter the Ramez Romaval’s building. After entering, turn left and on the desk you will find the seventh L.A. Noire newspaper.

Newspaper 8

Go to the Boxing Stadium in the Set Up case, access the dressing room, and check the table for the newspaper.

L.A. Noire Newspapers 9-13


Newspaper 9

Kill the two goons in the Manifest Destiny case. Check between their bodies, and you will find the ninth newspaper.

Newspaper 10

In Walk in Elysian Fields, wait for the house to catch fire. Towards the right of the house, on the front yard, you will find the next newspaper.

Newspaper 11

Get to Monroe’s office in Polite Invitation. On top of the cabinet, behind his desk, is the eleventh newspaper.

Newspaper 12

In A Different Kind of War, go into Rapid Exterminators. Check the main counter for the newspaper.

Newspaper 13

Also in A Different Kind of War, you can find the last newspaper. Check the body after Dr. Fontaine’s surgery, and you will get the L.A. Noire newspaper.


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