Unveiled! Hearts of Iron III Screen Shots

Unveiled! Hearts of Iron III Screen Shots
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The next installment of Paradox Interactive’s epic World War II strategy game Hearts of Iron III – the third installment in the popular series – won’t actually arrive until fall of next year, but the developer has released the first set of screen shots.

“I am proud to present the first looks of this revolutionary map”, says producer Johan Andersson, _"_Never before has the world been depicted with such high detail, with over ten thousand different provinces spread over a map covering dozens of square-meters."

The franchise has been a fan favorite, mainly for offering a board game style approach to a PC game. Hearts of Iron I and II both were considered to have provided a detailed and complete strategic view of World War II.

The latest game in the series will provide a wider view of the war, including doing something few military simulations have done, namely letting players actually lead up to the general conflict. In addition to multiple scenarios and options set during World War II on all fronts, the game’s epic campaign will let players even conduct diplomacy and build up their counties industry between 1936 and 1948. Whether this means as the British you get to try a policy of appeasement until war breaks out isn’t yet clear, but the possibilities are interesting. Just how far can you push your demands, and whether you’re ready for general war or not will likely be a major part of the diplomatic elements in the new game.

The game will feature all aspects of the Second World War, including land, air and sea. The massive map will include 10,000 land provinces, making for a game that is five times more detailed than Hearts of Iron II. Just plan on setting aside many a late night to play it!

These are the first alpha screenshots released. Hearts of Iron III will be released in the fall of 2009.

Hearts of Iron III Alpha Screenshots

North America in Hearts of Iron III

Close up of the land province map