DS Nintendo Gamers' Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Walkthrough Part 1

DS Nintendo Gamers' Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Walkthrough Part 1
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The story walkthrough contained in this two part article series is divided into sections for each mission contact Huang Lee does business with in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. While playing this DS Nintendo video game you’re going to be required to move around and do business with different individuals and undertake odd jobs for these people before returning to another contact. If you have played a Grand Theft Auto title before, then you’re familiar with this, but if you’re new to the series it may take a little getting use to. To use this guide to best effect, pick up a mission from a contact in the game, and then flip to that contact’s section and locate the mission you want.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on Nintendo DS

Chinatown Wars rocks!

Huang Lee takes Liberty City by storm

Wu “Kenny” Lee

Huang Lee’s first contact in Liberty City is your uncle Kenny, he’ll find you a place to stay, and give you a few odd jobs to get you started. You’ll need the money this provides and the lessons these missions teach you to help you later, when you try a few ideas of your own in Liberty City. Uncle Kenny is trying to earn a favor or two from the Triad boss, Hsin Jaoming, but his moves haven’t impressed the old man.

Yu Jian - The adventure begins with you needing to follow the provided instructions to bust out of the sinking vehicle you’re currently in. Once out of the car, swim over to the dock, and pull yourself onto the dock. Go over to the nearby car, hotwire it, and then follow the route on your map to find your way to Uncle Kenny’s restaurant.

Pursuit Farce - You need to complete the “Yu Jian” mission before the “Pursuit Farce” mission is available for play. This mission begins with a quick tutorial to introduce you to setting way-points, after which you head to the marked location to pick up Ling. The police make an appearance at this time, so get use to evading them. Take out a few police cruisers to lose your “wanted” level and then head back to your domicile, and the mission is over.

Under the Gun - You must complete the “Pursuit Farce” mission in order to make this mission available. Head to the alley behind uncle Kenny’s restaurant and Ling will be waiting to give you a quick lesson in weapons and combat. After this, Ling will travel over to a nearby dumpster, tag along with her, and look in the dumpster to find a gun. Next, Ling will go over to a second restaurant where rival gang members are currently engaged in attacking the business. This is a perfect opportunity to use your shiny new weapon to introduce yourself to the competition, and then head up to the roof of the restaurant and save the restaurant manager from the final gangster.

Payback - You have to complete the “Under the Gun” mission to make this mission available for play. In this mission you’re going to take out rival gang members to send a message to your enemies. Head to the way point and you’ll encounter a rival gang member. He’ll jump over a nearby wall to evade you, follow him and stay on his tail until he meets his friends in the parking lot. Once he meets his friends, take them out, they aren’t real killers, and it should be pretty easy. After you finish them off, make sure to grab their weapons to replenish your ammunition.

The final gang member will try to flee by car. Steal the handy car in the parking lot and chase after him. Ram and block his vehicle to force it to stop and he’ll get out of his vehicle. Exit your car and make sure he can’t hurt you anymore, and the mission is over.

The Wheelman - You must complete the “Payback” mission to make this mission available for play. In this mission you only have a brief amount of time to steal three cars marked on the map. Just use the map to set the way point to the nearest vehicle. After you reach your goal, just hotwire the car, and then drop it off at the garage. Two of these cars have security systems, so you’ll need to quickly disarm them to prevent the alarm from informing the police of your activities. Once you drop all three vehicles off, you’ll be paid for your job, and the mission is over.

Wu “Kenny” Lee Missions

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Wu Kenny Lee missions

Tricks of the Triad - You have to complete “The Wheelman” mission to make this mission available for play. Travel to your apartment and you’ll find a new feature for you to use in your adventure, a stash box. This is a permanent feature in all your safe houses from now on for hiding your pot and other items you don’t want the police to find. Remember, all items inside the safe box are safe from confiscation, but all items in your bag will be confiscated by the police if you get busted.

Remove the five units of acid in your stash box and put them into your bag, and then go outside and just follow the way point on the map to locate a dealer to buy your product. Once you have sold the acid uncle Kenny gave you to sell for a nice profit you’ll receive an e-mail from another dealer trying to sell some cocaine at a very low price. Travel to the meeting with this dealer and buy all five bags he has to sell. The cops will show up, so don’t hang around, just do your business and get out of there. You’ll have to once again loose the police, but by now you should be pretty good at it. After finishing this mission the Chan Jaoming Missions and drug dealing job are available for play.

Natural Born Killer - You must complete the mission “Tricks of the Triad” in order to make this mission available for play. Use the map to find the gas station and then create as many Molotov cocktails as is possible before the gas runs out. Make sure you have at least ten before you move on to the next part of the mission.

Once you reach the car lot, use the cocktails to blow up the vehicles parked there, and then travel up the street to the shop uncle Kenny wants destroyed. Just throw the cocktails at it until it starts burning real good, but keep an eye on the damage meter in the upper left corner. It needs to be completely full before the shop is burned down. A fire truck will show up to put the fire out, you can destroy the vehicle or hijack it, and then move it away, before you finish burning the shop down.

Recruitment Drive - You need to complete the mission “Natural Born Killers” to make this mission available for play. Use your car to travel to the location of each of the possible recruits and save them. Once you save the first one, he’ll help you save the next, and so on. Just remember to pick up all weapons to collect the ammunition.

After you have saved all three recruits, you have to travel to the tattoo parlor. You’ll encounter enemy cars along the way, execute drive by attacks to eliminate them or run them over. Once you reach the tattoo parlor, use the touch screen to fill in the tattoo design pictured, and the mission is completed.

Carpe “Dime” - You need to complete the “Bomb Disposal” mission for Zhou Ming to make this mission available for play, but you also get $5,000 for completing this mission. To succeed at this mission, you’re going to have to steal the enemy van and drive it back to Uncle Kenny’s garage. The best way to do the job is to force the van to stop and then steal it or follow the van to where it’s heading, and then grab it. After you finish this mission you have the skill and ability to hijack drug dealers vans around the city and steal the contents to sell for a nice profit. Finishing this mission also turns the Chan and Zhou mission contacts back on and you can now continue to the “Store Wars” mission or try one of the other mission contacts.

Wu “Kenny” Lee Missions

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is a fun and satisfying adventure for the DS Nintendo

Store Wars - You must complete the mission “Carpe Dime” to make this mission available for play. Travel to the store and park cars on the marked zones to stop the Spanish Lords from getting close. You have to defend the store against lots of gang members who want to fire bomb the store to the ground. Use molotov cocktails to attack each van after it has pulled up and its passengers have started to get out, and then finish off the survivors with your gun.

Copter Carnage - You have to finish the “Store Wars” mission, “Trail Blazer” mission for Hsin, and “The Tail Bagging the Dogs” mission for Wade. In the start of this mission the Spanish Lords will attack you from every direction. Eliminate all of your opponents using a good weapon as quickly as possible to protect uncle Kenny’s product. Once you have eliminated all of the enemy, get in a car, and tail the Spanish Lords back to their warehouse.

Kenny Strikes Back - You have to complete the “Copter Carnage” mission before this mission becomes available for play. Travel to the Spanish Lords warehouse and make your way into the compound. There shouldn’t be a lot of opposition, just guards with light pistols. After eliminating the guards, move to the back of the compound and claim the parked van with all the drugs in it, just sitting there. The Spanish Lords will try to stop you from stealing the van by closing the gate and bringing out more powerful weapons to stop you. You have to eliminate all of them to open the gate, and then drive the van back to uncle Kenny in one piece to finish the mission. After finishing this mission, you’ll get an e-mail from Wade Heston, which will turn him on as a mission contact on your map.

Missed Boat - You must complete the missions “Kenny Strikes Back” and “Streets of Rage” for Wade to make this mission available for play. You have to make it to the boat and make your way to the meeting location with the boat before the time limit runs out. You have to play an easy touch-screen mini-game to restart the boat’s engine along the way to reach the meeting. The Coast Guard will show up, flee in your boat the way you came at full speed because you’ll probably still have to deal with restarting your engine a few times along the way. After you loose the Coast Guard, just go back to the dock to drop off the package and the mission is over. After finishing this mission, Chan Jaoming and Zhou Ming are back on your map and their mission story lines are available to you.

Rat Race - You have to complete the mission “Wi-Find” for Wade Heston to make this mission available for play. The first half of this mission all you’ll be doing is firing a mini-gun with unlimited ammunition from the rear of uncle Kenny’s truck. Just keep pressing the trigger and you’ll eliminate the enemy and their cars. After you change cars, you’ll switch with Kenny, and he’ll be shooting the mini-gun. At this time there will be a helicopter following you, avoid driving through the crosshairs on the road to keep the truck from being destroyed before you reach Hsin’s house. Once this mission is completed, both Zhou and Chan will appear on the radar, and you can now go after them and finish them off once and for all.

Chan Jaoming

Chan Jaoming is the son of the present Triad leader and certainly in line to take over the reigns of power of the Triad. Unfortunately, he’s slow and would be a poor choice as leader, which everybody in the organization is aware of, and needs to be protected. Chan wouldn’t be able to keep himself alive, let alone provide direction and strength to an organization that only respects intelligence, loyalty, and strength of will. The missions that follow can all be accesses through him.

Pimp His Ride - You must complete the mission “Tricks of the Triad” before this mission becomes available for play. You are required to steal the race champion’s car in this mission, so just follow behind him, but don’t get to close. This mission isn’t very hard if you stay back a bit, if you do loose sight of him, just look for a blue dot on your radar map on the touch screen. Just wait until he parks it outside the Pay N Spray, hotwire it, and then bring it back to Chan’s garage.

Once back at Chan’s garage, use the touch screen to select each tool and make a few unique changes to the champion’s ride. Now you have to put it back at the Pay N Spray where you got it before the tow truck sent to pick it up arrives. Unfortunately, the changes you just made to the vehicle will make it difficult to drive it back. In fact, the car will probably have random steering problems that can cause a lot of damage to the car, if you don’t slow down and take it easy.

Whack the Racers - You need to finish the mission “Pimp His Ride” in order to make this mission available for play. For this mission you need to find a fast car to drive, you can find a suitable one in front of Chan’s shop that will work perfectly for this job. Your job is going to be to make sure Chan wins the race that he has entered, so drive to the alley near the race’s start line, you can use your map to help you find it. You need to do whatever is required to ensure Chan wins the race, bump into the other cars, even shoot up their cars, so that they don’t drive as well. The race will last three laps and you’ll complete the mission if Chan crosses the finish line first. Once you finish this mission you’ll receive an email from Zhou Ming, a new mission contact.

Jackin Chan -You have to complete the mission “Whack the Racers” to make this mission available for play. In this mission you’ll be saving Chan from being burned to a crisp, but to do so, you need to first drive to the site of Chan’s car on the map. When you make it to Chan’s vehicle, you’ll stumble on a gang war between members of your Triad, and members of the rival gang that kidnapped him. The kidnappers will leave the scene when you arrive, but not before throwing a Molotov cocktail that engulfs several vehicles, including Chan’s in a raging fire. You have to follow the waypoint to locate a fire truck and bring it back to the scene to put out the fire before Chan is burned to death. Once you have put out the fire and saved Chan, drive him back to garage, and you’re finished with Chan for now. After this the only mission contact on your radar map will be Zhou Ming.

Raw Deal - You need to complete the “Carp Dime” mission for Wu “Kenny” Lee to make this mission available for play. This mission is a brutal combat scenario that challenges you to get Chan back to his club in one piece. The other members along for the ride are expendable, but Chan has to arrive alive for you to succeed at this mission. You should stock up on weapons and ammunition for this mission because your opponents will have assault rifles and submachine guns, and your hand gun is going to be an under powered for this battle.

Chan Jaoming Missions

Boat Age - You have to complete the mission “Missed the Boat” for Wu “Kenny” Lee to make this mission available for play. During this mission you’ll be tagging along with Chan on a ski jet as he rides in his boat. Just jump on the jet ski and follow Chan through the markers. At one point the engine on Chan’s boat will stall just as rival gang members appear at the scene. Stay close to Chan and take the bad guys out of the picture as soon as they arrive and before they can take care of Chan. Once you have defeated all the rival gang members a helicopter will fly in and take Chan away. Once you have completed this mission, if you haven’t done Zhou Ming’s missions, you should make sure they get done now. If you haven’t completed Dragon Haul Z, then you should do so. Once this is complete Hsin Jaoming will be the next mission contact you will deal with.

Counterfeit Gangster - You need to complete “One shot, One Kill” for Hsin Jaoming before this mission is available to be played. During this mission you’re taking care of a sensitive matter for Chan, destroying evidence of his counterfeit operations before the feds show up to take possession of the evidence. Look on your radar map and get to each marked location on the map and destroy the evidence at each site. Use Molotovs and guns to destroy the locations with the crates, while at the dock, use the crane or the bulldozer parked to knock all the marked cars into the water.

Slaying With Fire - You must complete the mission “Counterfeit Gangster” before this mission becomes available to play. During this mission you’ll be riding in style in a helicopter and dropping an unlimited supply of Molotov cocktails upon rival gang members below. Use the touch screen to lob the cocktails as you hover above them. During the later part of this mission keep a look out for rocket wielding gang members and take them out before they can hit the helicopter. The helicopter can only take a few hits, so you need to take them out quickly. The last challenge of this mission is the enemy helicopter that makes an appearance, just hit it with Molotovs as it gets closer and you’ll easily destroy it.

Clear the Pier - You must complete the mission “Rat Race” before this mission is available to play. This mission is one of the toughest in the game, a three-part brutal battle against Chan and his men. You should stock up on body armor and ammunition before starting this mission, even though you’ll find plenty of health pickups and body armor as you make your way through this mission. Once you make it to the dock area, eliminate all of Chan’s men in the area. Use grenades to take out gangsters hiding behind cars and other objects.

Next you’ll be trying to enter the warehouse, which will require the elimination of the gangsters guarding the front entrance. You’ll have help here from Kenny’s men, who will also enter the warehouse with you, if they survive the battle outside. Once inside the warehouse you’ll be fighting nasty room to room battles and you should use a submachine gun or good rifle for this job. After making it safely through the warehouse, you’ll emerge from the other side, to find Chan taking off in his car.

You have to chase him down and destroy his car by whatever means at your disposal. A fun and inventive way is to pin his car against a barrier and your vehicle, and then walk to a suitable distance and take them both out with a well-place rocket.

After this mission, if you haven’t completed “Hit From the Tong” for Zhou Ming, you should do so now. Otherwise, you’ll get an email from Wade Heston, telling you he knows who the real rat is.

Zhou Ming’s Missions

Zhou Ming is a very intelligent but extremely over confident and egomaniacal member of the Triad. He believes that he should be the new leader of the Triad and intends to show Hsin Jaoming and all the Triad members that he knows what’s best for the Chinese mafia.

Stealing the Show - You need to complete the mission “Whack the Racers” for Chan Jaoming before this mission is available to play. This is the mission you’ll spend some of the money that Uncle Kenny told you to save, to purchase the twenty bags of weed you’ll need to get into see Zhou Ming. Once you have the weed, head over to Zhou Ming’s place. Hell have a task for you do to that involves driving to a gas station and hopping onto a delivery truck, and then using the stylus to throw the crates in the delivery truck into Zhou’s truck. Once you have moved15 crates from the delivery truck to Zhou’s truck, press X to jump out of the truck, and then just drive Zhou back to his place to finish the mission.

Flatliner - You must complete the mission “Stealing the Show” to make this mission available for play. To start this mission you need to head to the airport and borrow (okay, steal!) the ambulance kept there. When you do this, your wanted level will immediately skyrocket. In this mission you don’t have to worry about the cops stopping you and pulling you out of the ambulance, they won’t arrest you, just attack you.

Keeping Uri alive while you race back to the garage during the next part of this mission is the tricky part. Keep your eye on the EKG monitor on your touch screen and quickly tap the heart icon on the screen to revive Uri whenever his hearts starts to give out. Once you get Uri and the ambulance back to Zhou’s garage, you have finished this mission.

Bomb Disposal - You must complete the mission “Flatliner” in order to make this mission available for play. You have to drive to each stash car and then enter the bomb disposal van to disarm the bombs. To disarm a bomb, touch the voltmeter and then touch each of the wires on the bomb, while making note of the voltages on each. Look for the wire with the largest voltage and then use the cutter to slice it by slashing across the wire on your touch screen. Disarm all three bombs and then drive to the stash car on your map that’s being attacked by Hsin’s men and eliminate them.

Hsin will make one final effort to destroy the stash cars by sending out one last bomb van. This time intercept the van on its way to the job and remove it with gunfire (the gunmen in the van will fight back), or let the van reach its destination and then disarm the bomb in the same fashion as the first three.

At this point you’ll receive an e-mail from Uncle Kenny, telling you that he’s ready to make his move on the property he talked to you about on East Island, as long as you have the $5,000 he asked you for. If you don’t have the $5,000, you need to get to work and sell some drugs and then go see Kenny for his next mission, “Carpe Dime”.

Driven to Destruction - You need to complete the mission “Carpe Dime” for Uncle Kenny before this mission is available for play. In this mission you need to drive Zhou’s truck to a meeting with each group of drug dealers. Zhou will be operating a very effective machine gun that will quickly eliminate all opposition. All you need to do for this mission is fill the carnage meter in the upper left corner by wiping out the four groups of dealers. This mission is pretty easy, just drive straight into each group and let Zhou take care of them with his machine gun.

More of Zhou Ming’s Missions

Cash & Burn - You must complete the mission “Missed the Boat” for uncle Kenny before this mission becomes available for play. For this mission you need to find the car outfitted with the flamethrower and drive it to the construction site. Once at the construction site, use the flamethrower to ignite the stacks of building materials. Guards will start to appear and attack you when you start burning the material, but they’re easy to take out with your flamethrower, so just use this weapon. Once you have destroyed all but the last few pallets of building materials, the remaining ones will appear on your map, just go finish them off and the mission is over.

Dragon Haul Z - You must complete the mission “Cash & Burn” to make this mission available for play. At the start of this mission get to the truck carrying the dragon costume and hijack it as fast as you can. You need to make it to the meeting place before the time limit runs out. If you currently have a wanted level, you’ll need to get rid of this, before delivering the truck. This shouldn’t be too hard to do with a large and heavy truck to knock the police off the road with.

Once you get the dragon costume back and Zhou and his men are disguised in the costume, you still have to put on a convincing act in the parade. Just travel through the markers and use the touch screen to make tight turns or ignite the dragon’s breath (flames). Try not to get to fancy, just stick to the basic moves. If you make any missteps the crowd will start to get suspicious and your suspicion-meter will start to fill. If your suspicion-meter fills completely you’ll fail the mission, so you need to reach the end of the parade route to complete the mission and escape successfully.

Once you finish this mission you’ll be finished working for Zhou for awhile. If you haven’t completed the mission “Sa-Boat-Age” for Chan yet, go over and do it now. If you have already finished this mission, you’ll have new missions for Hsin Jaoming available.

The Fandom Menace - You must complete the mission “One Shot, One Kill” for Hsin to make this mission available for play. This is a very simple mission as long as you have a good drive by weapon, for this job an SMG is the best weapon of choice. Drive Zhou to pick up his friends and then drive them all back to his place. Stupid paparazzi will try to snap incriminating pictures as you do this and then try to make a run for their offices. Eliminate them before they can complete their missions and then follow the marked route.

After this mission Zhou has no more work for you, for now. If you haven’t been over to see Chan yet, do so now. Otherwise Wade Heston should be on your map.

So Near, Yet Sonar - You must complete the missions “The Fandom Menace” and “Torpedo Run” to make this mission available for play. You need to locate underwater debris and crates for Zhou using the sonar on the handy salvage boat. Just pilot the salvage boat to each blip on the screen and then use the crane to bring up the crates. Once you have brought up the first two of the four crates Zhou has asked you to retrieve, the Coast Guard will show up. Use the sonar on the salvage boat to spot them before they see you and move back until they leave and keep working. If they do attack you, you’ll need to leave the scene and then come back to continue your search later.

At this point if you haven’t finished the mission “Counterfeit Gangster” for Chan, do so now. Otherwise, you’ll receive an e-mail from Hsin, letting you know he has more work for you.

Hit From the Tong - You must complete the mission “Rat Race” to make this mission available for play. You need to make sure you have a good assault rifle, lots of grenades, full ammunition loads, and full body armor for this action packed mission. You’ll be chasing Zhou through a construction site, while fighting his men and an attack helicopter, so you’ll need all the firepower you can carry. Once you make it into the compound, eliminate all your enemies, and then head up to the roof to take care of the helicopter. Just shoot it with your rocket launcher, and then hide behind the handy AC unit to avoid its attacks. Once you hit the copter twice it will leave. Now, you just need to repeat this procedure twice more to finish off Zhou, and this mission is over.

Lester Leroc

Lester Leroc is an over-weight private detective hired by Hsin Jaoming to infiltrate a biker gang that he suspects of protecting a traitor in the Triads. Lester needs Huang’s help to convince the bikers that he has the riding skills to hang with them.

Double Trouble - You must complete the mission “By Myriads of Swords” for Hsin and bring Lester 10X Ecstasy. You need to ride Lester’s bike to the meet with the biker gang and impress them by driving through the markers as quickly and skillfully as you can. When members of The Lost biker gang show up, eliminate them with our drive by skills before continung along the markers to the end. Once this is done, meet up with Lester and plant the explosives at the statue to end your audition and the mission.

Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell! - You must complete the mission “Double Trouble” to make this mission available for play. You’ll be trying to outsell rival drug dealers in this mission. Just look for buyers on your map marked as blue dots and travel over to them and stop by them, either on foot or in a vehicle. Just move a bag of drugs from your bag into the buyer’s bag to complete a deal. Once you start, rival drug dealers will start to appear. You’ll notice that if they’re closer to a buyer than you, than the buyer will go to them, instead of you. Just take out your rival’s vehicle with a good SMG or assault rifle to prevent them from making their sales. Keep your eyes on the “Coke Sold” meter, when it’s filled, head back to Burger Shot to deliver the money to Leroy and the mission is finished.

Convoy Conflict - You must complete the missions “Arms Out of Harm’s Way” for Hsin and “Steal the Wheels” for Rudy D’Avanzo to make this mission available for play. This is an easy mission where you just need to stay close to the vans and eliminate any Lost bikers or cars that try to get to close to the vans. Also, keep your eyes on the side of the road for enemies and take them out as well.

At this time, if you have completed the missions “The World’s a Stooge” for Rudy and “The Wages of Sin” for Hsin, you’ll receive an e-mail from Wade Heston with a new mission for you to complete. Otherwise, at this time, finish up any missions you haven’t completed for Rudy D’Avanzo and Hsin.