Video Game History: Events On This Day July 25th

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On this day in history…


Natsume releases the side-scrolling platform game Shadow of the Ninja for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Natsume releases the role-playing game (RPG) Chaos World for the Nintendo Famicom.

Palcom releases the strategy game Defender of the Crown for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in Europe. The game was originally released for the Commodore Amiga in 1986.


SNK releases The King of Fighters ‘95, the sequel to King of Fighters ‘94, for the Game Boy, Neo-Geo CD, and Sega Saturn.


Capcom releases the platform game Mega Man X3 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in Europe.

Tecmo releases the strategy roleplaying game (RPG) Tecmo’s Deception: Invitation to Darkness for the PlayStation in the US. The game will be released as Kokumeikan in Japan the next day and will spawn four sequels. (ESRB: T)


Namco releases the platform game Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil for the PlayStation 2 in the US. (ESRB: E)


The Electronic Arts game The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and the first-person shooter (FPS) Medal of Honor: Frontline for the PlayStation 2 go platinum. The Electronic Arts game Medal of Honor: Frontline for the Nintendo GameCube receives Player’s Choice status.

Nintendo releases the futuristic racing game F-Zero GX for the GameCube in Japan. It’s the sixth installment in the F-Zero series, which began in 1990. (CERO: A)

Paramount Pictures releases the action film Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, based on the Tomb Raider video game series. The film is directed by Jan De Bont and stars Angelina Jolie as the title character. It is the sequel to the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. In the film, Croft discovers an orb that leads to Pandora’s Box, but it falls into the hands of an evil scientist who plans to sell the box as a weapon. Produced on a budget of US$95 million, the film will gross US$21,783,641 domestically in its opening weekend.


Bam! releases the hack and slash game Bujingai: The Forsaken City, usually simply referred to as Bujingai, for the PlayStation 2 in North America. The action sequences of the game are stylized like a Wuxia film. (ESRB: T)


Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signs a bill restricting the sale, rental, or distribution of violent or sexual games video games to minors into law. Under the law, which will take effect on January 1st, 2006, violators may be fined up to one thousand dollars per violation. The bill would also require Illinois stores to clearly label their games with content ratings and to post explanations of the rating system in plain sight of customers. In response to the law, industry groups, including the Entertainment Software Association, will immediately file a lawsuit Chicago federal court challenging the constitutionality of the law. The law was drafted to address the mounting concern raised by the 1999 Columbine High School massacre that violent games may have a significant impact on the behavior of minors. December 2, 2005, US District Judge Matthew F. Kennelly will strike the law down, declaring it unconstitutional. However, despite its final failure, the law and the public controversy it stirs between its proposal and its over-turning will spark a new debate across the nation as to how and when video games should be regulated.

Tapwave, a Mountain View, California-based company founded by former Palm executives in May of 2000, announces bankruptcy and the discontinuation of the Zodiac Palm-based handheld video game system. The system sold fewer than two hundred thousand units over the course of its availability but was widely acclaimed, winning, among other awards, CNET’s Editor’s Choice Award, Popular Science’s 2003 Best of What’s New (BOWN) Award, Time Magazine’s Best Gear of 2003, and Wired Magazine’s Fetish Award. The device gained some notoriety among science fiction aficionados for being used for several seasons on the series StarGate SG-1 as the series’ answer to a tricorder.


Namco releases Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in the US. The game is an update on the original Tekken 5, which was originally released to Japanese arcades in December 2005. Sometimes referred to as Tekken 5.2, it is actually the seventh in the Tekken video game franchise, counting updates that share the same numerical designations. (ESRB: T)

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) releases the racing game Wipeout Pure as one of its Greatest Hits for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in the US. (ESRB: E)


Nintendo releases its first quarterly financial report. In it, Nintendo reports that shipments of Nintendo DS units has increased from 22 million to 26 million and that it projects the sale of 140 million units of software in the coming quarter. The report also reveals that globally, to date, Common Sense Training has sold 1.53 million units, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time has sold 1.39 million units, Mario Hoops 3-on-3 has sold 1.5 million, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team has sold 3.08 million units, WarioWare: Touched! has sold 2.15 million units, and Yoshi’s Island DS has sold 2.47 units.

Super Contra is released via Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. The game feature co-op gameplay, improved graphics, and new music.Wing Commander Arena is released via Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360.