This Day in Video Game History: October 15

This Day in Video Game History: October 15
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This Day in Video Game History



Atari released the Crash ‘N Score driving game to North American arcades.

Atari released the Jet Fighter shooting game to North American arcades.


Darren Olson scores a record 15,207,353 points on Atari’s Centipede at the Reflection Fun Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Ultimate Play released the game Imhotep shooting game for the Commodore 64.


Nintendo released the Wrecking Crew platform game for the Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe. (PEGI: 3+)

Rare Ltd. released the Slalom skiing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in Europe. The game is the very first console game released by Rare, which would go on to become a giant in the game industry.


Night Trap

The interactive mystery fiction game Night Trap was released for personal computers and the Sega video game consoles in the U.S. The game is one of the first and definitely the most populate to feature full motion video, which would later become a staple of video game story devices. It was also one of the single most controversial video games in history, due to a full-motion scene in which of a young girl in a nightgown was murdered, though the game’s designers had intended (as they will later testify before Congress) for the the scene to be campily comedic. However, the industry, media, and government did not take the scene as intended, and Night Trap, along the hit series Mortal Kombat, will be one of the fundamental motivations behind the creation of the self-regulated ESRB game industry ratings system. Night Trap was also the game in which Dana Plato of the television series Diff’rent Strokes became the first traditional media star to be featured in a game. This too, caused controversy, as, at the time of the game’s release, Plato had recently been featured in the news for having undergone surgery to augment her breasts and appeared in Playboy magazine. Many came to feel, following extensive media coverage of the game, that the Playboy Bunny’s role in the game could only sexualize the game which revolved around a slumber party gone wrong and was marketed to a teenage audience. On December 16, 1993, the country’s two largest store chains to specialize in video game sales, F.A.O. Schwarz and Toys “R” Us, would remove the Sega version of the game from their shelves in response to a December 9th Senate Judiciary and Government Affairs Committee hearing on video game violence. During the hearings, Night Trap would be described by Senators as “disgusting,” “shameful,” “sick,” and “ultra-violent,” but later, most gamers and industry-inders would later agree that the extensive derision of the game was largely due to the politicians playing to the media. (ESRB: M)


Sega released the Sega Mega-CD video game console in North America, featuring a 16-bit 12.5 MHz Motorola 68000 processor identical to that of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis but with a higher clock rate.

Sony Imagesoft releases the Sewer Shark rail shooter for the Sega CD in the U.S. The game was notable for its heavy use of full-motion video.


Nintendo released a redesigned Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game system in North America with an improved top-loading cartridge slot.


Hudson Soft released the Super Bomberman 3 puzzle game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in Europe.


Bungie Software released the Marathon Infinity first-person shooter for Macs. It was the third and final game in the Marathon Trilogy of games.


Mortal Kombat 4

Midway Amusement Games released version 2.0 the Mortal Kombat 4 video game to U.S.arcades.

Quantum Axcess released the Malice conversion for Quake for personal computers in North America.

Ubisoft released the F1 Pole Position 64 racing game for the Nintendo 64 in Europe and North America. (ESRB: E)


Sega announced a new sales record of one hundred thousand Dreamcast video game consoles within the first twenty-four hours of its launch in Europe.


Nintendo released the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver games for the Game Boy Color in North America. (ESRB: E)


Capcom released the Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival for the Game Boy Advance in the U.S. (ESRB: T)

Electronic Arts released the NASCAR Thunder 2002 racing game for the Playstation 2 in the U.S. (ESRB:E)


Atari released the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 simulation game for Windows in the U.S. (ESRB: E)

Konami released the Silent Scope 3 shooting game for the Playstation 2 in the U.S. (ESRB: M)

Microsoft started bundling the Sega GT 2002 and Jet Set Radio Future games with the Xbox video game console in the U.S. through the end of the year. The new Xbox bundle also included the smaller controller that had come standard in the Japanese bundle since the system’s release.

Sony Computer Entertainment released the Wild Arms 3 steampunk-themed roleplaying game (RPG) for PlayStation 2 in the U.S. (ESRB: T)


Pitfall - The Lost Expedition

Aspyr released the Pitfall: The Lost Expedition platform game for personal computers. (ESRB: E)

Microsoft announced an Xbox bundle that would be released October 31 in the US. The standard US$150 Xbox package would include NCAA Football 2005 and Top Spin video games, and a two-month subscription to Xbox Live.

Nintendo released the Donkey Konga music game for the GameCube in PAL regions. (PEGI: 3+)


Koei released Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in Australia. (OFLC: PG)