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Free PC Games - Risk
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DominateGame (2 out of 5)

DominateGame is a vaguely graphical game, with simple numbers and two dimensional dice. The game experience follows the path of the graphics - boring and unintuitive.

While the idea of the game is promising enough, it has been poorly designed, and even some veteran risk players will find it hard to adapt to the game’s client. The buttons and attacking functions are not clearly explained and many players will find themselves booted out of the game with no explanation of why they and their 15 regions have suddenly disappeared off the face of the planet.

This being said, the ability to play online is one that many Risk players will chiefly be looking for in a free risk pc game and this game does deliver that. Once the controls become a bit clearer the game is a lot more enjoyable.

Conquer Club (4 out of 5)

Conquer Club takes a slightly different approach to what the other games in this article have taken. Instead of being played in a single setting, Conquer Club is able to be played in one turn per day, allowing players in different countries or continents to play games without staying up til ridiculous hours of the morning.

If one turn is not enough for a player, they are also encouraged to play more than one match at once.

Conquer Club features many similar features to that in traditional tabletop Risk. “Spoils” are used in place of Risk cards, and the game is fairly simple and easy to play, although the graphics at some points leave a little to be desired. Regardless, it is the pick of the free risk pc games in this article.

Risk Online (3 out of 5)

An officially licenced Hasbro product, Risk Online is available to be played online at The game features a number of individual Generals with different personalities and play styles, and supports up to seven players.

The graphics are neat and appealing. While nothing special, they get the job done and are in line with the classic Risk look and feel from the board games. Being officially licenced means that the game can cover the classic Risk look to a tee.

The downside to this is that the online version is severely limited. It only allows players to line up against two computer controlled foes, and matches last only 10 turns, hardly enough to finish a full seven player match, let alone a three player one. This lets the game down, and is the only reason it did not rate as the highest in our list.

World Wars (2 out of 5)

Free Risk Style PC Games - World Wars

World Wars is yet another online free Risk style PC game. Unfortunately it does not benefit from being a licenced Hasbro product, and thus is nowhere near the quality of Risk Online, regardless of being a free alternative.

The interface of the game is simple and utilitarian. The maps are small, hex-style maps. One of the most frustrating parts of the graphics is that the rolling dice within the battles are not animated, all ending up as fours. While the dice total is randomised and can be seen at the bottom of the box, it took us a while to work out the basis on which the battles were actually being won until we spotted it.

Another missing part of the Risk board game was Risk cards. These would have been a nice thing to see, but as World Wars is a small, free game aimed towards a quick play, it is acceptable that these things could be left out.

Apart from these problems, World Wars is a playable free risk pc game, with up to seven computer players able to join in on the action.