Free Risk PC Game Online

Free Risk PC Game Online
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Risk - The New Board Game Classic

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One of the most challenging online board games that users can play is the classic known as Risk. The game was created by Albert Lamorisse a French film director who wanted to make an exciting world domination themed game. It was originally released in 1957 and named The Conquest of the World but later changed to simply Risk. A board displaying a map of the continents divided by territories is the base. Players use plastic tokens to claim specific areas on the map. Each user receives a certain amount of military units to guard their countries. Cards represent units in the form of infantry, artillery, or cavalry. Players can exchange cards for additional troops. A roll of a dice indicates turn order. During each turn a user can place armies and attack neighboring territories for total domination. When a player attacks another country and wins they occupy that region. The main objective in Risk is to slowly conquer the entire globe. This is no easy task. There are usually two to six players trying to conquer your countries as well. When all of a player’s territories have been seized they are out and those countries are now up for grab. The player with the best strategy for conquering each continent while protecting their borders is victorious.

How to Play Risk Online

Play Risk Online

Risk is a challenging game of wits. Currently there are multiple versions of the game available for anyone who wants to take a shot at world domination. Users across the globe can compete with one another for highest rank when they play Risk online. Although, many of the free PC game versions carry different names the gameplay and rules are the same. Virtual cards are given while an automatic dice roll determines turn. There is a chat box to converse with other players or talk trash. Depending on the website hosting chats may be monitored. A virtual map color coded by player displays the number of armies occupying each area. Most rounds can last hours to even weeks due to the fact that its turn based and there can be no winner until the entire map is conquered or each player has been eliminated.

Free Online Board Games like Risk

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Some of the top free online board games like Risk are Imperial Takeover, Dominate, Landgrab, and Conquest. Imperial Takeover which is a carbon copy of Risk is linked to Facebook. Fans of risk can find other players through their page and then go directly to to play. The site has a variety of other strategy games but their version of Imperial Takeover is played most. Users have a friendly multiplayer community and dozens of custom maps to keep the game interesting. Another game and is Dominate. This edition is perfect for more hardcore gamers. Dominate has a complete online community of players who take their ranking seriously. Unlike other free risk style PC games there are always games available to join. There’s also a feature that lets users sit in on a match and watch.

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Landgrab also makes the grade. Their streamlined interface and special feature that allows users to add players to a buddies or foes list is unique. In Conquest players have their pick of over 370 maps. Conquest differs from the others which are free online board games. It offers a free trial and then requires users to pay $20.00 for the full version. All of these games are based on the original classic. If you’re in the mood for some major war strategy that involves quick thinking Dominate or any of the other games above might be fun.