The Best Free Zombie Games Online

The Best Free Zombie Games Online
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Sonny 1 & Sonny 2

This series is one of my favorite online games in general. The Sonny series is honestly about as good as other games currently on the market. It’s a full RPG with a series of arena-style fights. I will admit that the zombie aspect might not be what you expect. It uses a system of turn-based combat and often features you fighting non-zombie opponents. This isn’t just a zombie slaughter game.

Your character, Sonny, is a zombie but you are more of a mutant than a traditional zombie. Sonny 2 lets you take 3 separate paths of zombie development though and you can choose to be a berserk killer.

Regardless, it’s a fun game with a standard zombie story. Sonny finds himself on a yacht with a bunch of zombies killing everyone. He escapes the zombies and the top secret government clean up team and he must now find a tape player in their dystopian world to try and find the truth behind what’s happening.

The real draw is the gameplay though. The fighting is in depth, there’s a lot of room for strategy and varied gameplay, the AI is surprisingly good at outsmarting you, and there’s just a lot you can do in the simple turn based setup.

The Last Stand 1 & 2

This is probably the most realistic zombie game on the Internet. It’s about as close as we’ll probably get to a real zombie survival situation.

The Last Stand 1 is at first glance a simple defense game. You use a variety of weapons to fight off the zombies and hold out long enough for rescue. The one thing that makes it stand out is the planning.

The Last Stand 2 - The Most Realistic Zombie Game Online

Each day, you have a set amount of daylight to safely explore the surrounding area for weapons and survivors. You can also use the time to repair your barricade. Finding a balance is crucial and it makes the game surprisingly strategic.

The Last Stand 2 makes it even better. The level of detail is amazing. You now actually pick a building on the map to investigate, move during the defenses, and you can even make a true last stand if your barricade collapses and you still survive. There is even a tactical phase for laying out gas cans and bear traps. There is also a lot more going on besides a standard defense. You can’t just wait it out. You have to steadily move from town to town to get to the evacuation point. You have to balance the search for supplies, weapons, and survivors with the time constraints on your rescue. It’s really fun and makes for a true zombie survival game. It’s also a free online game, so enjoy.

Zombie Horde 3

Zombie Horde 3 - You Have a Whole City to Explore in This Zombie Game

This is another zombie survival game. There are a whole bunch of these in various online arcades, but I personally think that this is the best of the bunch. It’s a top-down adventure style game. You move around a zombie infested city during the day and try to find a cure. You can hunt zombies and do various defense missions to earn money and upgrade your weapons. There is also a car in the game to speed up travel and allow a lot of exploration.

I personally like it for the atmosphere. If you don’t get back to your garage hideout before nightfall, then you will have to face a bunch of really tough zombies that can easily overpower you. It adds a nice touch and makes a simple zombie shooter require a bit of planning. Like I said, there are a lot of these types of top-down shooters that have you wandering around a zombie infested area. I think that this is the most enjoyable of the bunch though.

Autumn War

Autumn War - The Most Cinematic Zombie Game Online

This last one is a bit different. It’s a zombie war game. You are in the role of a military commander trying to fight off a zombie invasion. The battle system is quite interesting. You mainly play by having your soldiers stand their ground and fight off approaching zombies. This is done by moving little circles on a main map.

The battle takes place in a cinematic style minigame. You can order your men to charge, advance, stand still, fall back, or retreat. It’s simple, but feels cool, suspenseful, and epic. It’s not perfect and you might get tired of it after an hour or so, but it’s still a fun game.