A Hodgepogde of Fun - Strange Free Games You'll Love

A Hodgepogde of Fun - Strange Free Games You'll Love
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Pillage the Village

This is a one of the more unique games around, especially for an online arcade. The premise is simple. You have to pillage all of the villages under your omnipotent rule. This means using spells to capture and suppress villagers, while also just throwing them around for fun. Did I mention that you are just an omnipresent magical hand?

The reason that this odd game is fun is that it’s addictive and somewhat challenging. You start out just grabbing weak villagers and throwing them into the air, but you’ll soon start to experience lots of different villagers. You have to break the parachutes of smarter villagers, stop thieves who climb up the screen and steal gold from the interface bar, outmaneuver a knight, beat up superman, and handle all of the other tricky new villagers trying to outsmart your cruelty. You also have the fun option of buying new spells and tools to add more variety to your terror. It’s just a rather enjoyable game to play when you have some time to kill.

You can find a copy and play a bit through this link

Super Karoshi

This one subverts the entire video game industry in one step. Your goal is to kill your main character. This is actually a sequel, but you might as well play the latest version since it has only improved upon the first.

Super Karoshi - Dark Humor and Odd Gameplay in a Nice Free Game

The premise is that you need to help your salesman and any other characters on the level kill themselves. This usually means figuring out a way to jump onto some spikes. This means running, jumping, flying, flipping levers, etc. This version takes it a step further and features a lot of puzzle aspects that aren’t just in the game. You need to do special things, like clicking on the link to their website, finding the secret spikes in the fake credit screen, completing a level with only 5 jumps, understand some weird settings, etc. This makes for an interesting and challenging experience.

It’s just a fun game overall. Check it out here.

Hedgehog Launch 2

There are actually a lot of games in this genre. There’s Shopping Cart Hero, Penguins Can Fly, and the first Hedgehog Launch game. I personally think Hedgehog Launch 2 is the best of the bunch. The crazy premise is simple really. You’re trying to get a hedgehog far into space. You start off with a pathetic setup of a little slingshot. You then earn more and more money with successful launches and upgrade your system for better launches.

Hedgehog Launch 2 - Launch a Hedgehog into Space without Annoying Questions from the Police

The fun part is the flight though. You steer the hedgehog and try to make sure that he collects as many coins as possible. You can also hit special ramps to gain more height and earn extra money. This adds a nice active part to the game, since pilot skill can compensate for poor equipment. What sets Hegehog Launch 2 apart is the intricacy though. There are a number of special additions. You can add and then ditch baby hedgehogs for added ballast during the slingshot part, you can get a special fuel recovery system, and you can even turn off the gravity once you get enough money.

It’s very addictive, cute, and fun. You can find a good copy here.

The Classroom 2

There are actually 3 “The Classroom” games. I thought 2 was the best of the bunch. You can start with the first one if you really want too, but it’s a little buggy and frustrating. I thought 3 strayed too far from the roots.

The Classroom 2 seemed to be the best mix. The premise is that you are a slacker student using perfect timing to outmaneuver the teachers and cheat on all the exams. This simple premise is pretty addicting. You’ll have to figure out patrol patterns, wait for special events, and generally be quick on your feet. If you love The Classroom 2, then you can also look for the others in the series for a bit more of a fix. It is pretty vulgar in parts though, so it’s definitely not for the kiddies. Decent game to kill some time with though.

Check it out through this link.

Bunny Invasion 2

Bunny Invasion 2 - It’s a Bunny Invasion…What More Do I Have to Say to Get You to Play It

Well, you’re fighting off an invasion of bunnies. Not going to get too much weirder. This is a fun defense game. For Bunny Invasion 2, you are stuck defending your favorite pub against wave after wave of bunnies. The bunnies have a mixture of attacks. They can fire their acidic feces at the walls, ram them, suicide bomb them, attack them with lasers, etc. There is a surprising amount of variety present, especially when one remembers that it is a free online game. There is also a surprising amount of upgrades for you to buy with your hard earned money. You can progress up a complex weapon tree while also investing money in biological warfare against the bunnies, hiring more repairmen for the bar, upgrading your partner, and even hiring more scavengers to increase your wealth. It’s a lot of options for a simple online defense game.

The whole thing is just really fun and at times quite challenging. It’s a perfect free defense game. There’s also a special easter version out there if you want to have the fun of shooting Easter bunnies. Obviously not one for the kids though due to the blood and gore present in the Bunny Invasion games.

You can find it here.

Cargo Bridge

This fairly recent game is an odd concept for a game. You build a bridge so you can get your workers across it. That’s it. You have to deal with fairly realistic physics to build a bridge that can withstand a lot of cargo, a lot of movement, and some special challenges. There’s not much else to say about this one, but I figure that my fellow nerds will find it to be a fun challenge.

You can find it here.

I Love Traffic

I Love Traffic - Fill Your Micromanagement Needs with This Free Online Game

I’ll wrap up with an entirely different concept game. This one is a simple puzzle game. You have to use your series of traffic lights to safely direct traffic, meet goals, and meet deadlines. This is a fun and addictive game. You control everything with a series of clicks and it can get quite hectic at times with dozens of cars speeding around the map.

There’s a surprising amount of variety as you have to deal with a number of different vehicles, driving styles, and sheer randomness if you want to succeed. It’s fairly short with only 20 levels. If you want to give it a spin, then just check it out here.

You can find it here.