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Free Online Adventure Games

by: Stephanie Mojica ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

There are many ways to play free online adventure games, whether you're looking for a light-hearted yet challenging experience, or a more dark gaming time. Free online adventure games come in a variety of Web formats, including downloadable programs or journeys you can take using a Web browser.

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    When the Bomb Goes Off

    When the Bomb Goes Off is one of many free online adventure games. When the Bomb Goes Off sounds serious, but can actually be a quite amusing adventure game. Published by Addicting Games, this is one of their many free online adventure games that can be played right in your Web browser.

    At first, I was not all that impressed because the graphics were decent and not extremely colorful. In fact, if you're one of those who is going to stick with such a judgment just because the graphics are not the highest quality ever made, you may want to avoid When the Bomb Goes Off. But if you're like me and are willing to stick it out (especially since so many Addicting Games users gave this rave reviews) the simple graphics don't really make the game any less fun to play.

    The objective is to do as much as you can in life before the bomb goes off, and there are a number of funny situations and good theme music that make the game a lot more fun that the title implies.

    Downloads and registrations are not necessary to play When the Bomb Goes Off, which is a Flash-based gaming adventure.

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    Clinic Escape

    Free online adventure games include Clinic Escape. Clinic Escape is another one of those free online adventure games published by Addicting Games that makes a serious situation into something quite funny at times while still retaining a real sense of adventure. Those who have a desire to use their gaming to exercise their rage safely and beat up or even kill bystanders will be satisfied with Clinic Escape, but can still get enough chuckles to remain sane while flirting with escaping the looney bin.

    The objective of Clinic Escape is for the main character to get stronger by throwing things at people and do whatever he finds necessary to escape from the psychiatric hospital, or for those not worried about political incorrectness - the crazy house, the looney bin, or the nuthouse.

    You may need to beat up and even kill people in the game as you fight to get out of one insane situation.

    Game play is easy to pick up, the graphics are excellent, and the music has a nice range to it depending on the circumstances.

    Clinic Escape is another Flash game that can be played in your favorite Web browser, and does not require any kind of downloading or signing up to participate.

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    Gangster Life

    Gangster Life is a great choice in free online adventure games. Those not looking for laughs but pure hardcore adventures will be especially pleased with Gangster Life, one of the free online adventure games published by Daily Free Games.

    Gangster Life is kind of like console video games such as Grand Theft Auto in that a criminal has to perform a lot of duties, many illegal, immoral, or just plain nasty. The main character of Gangster Life escapes from prison and apparently did not learn the error of his ways while behind bars. His mission, and thus yours, is to become a well-known (and feared) criminal and avoid going back to prison.

    Game play does take a bit of practice to pick up, but it not impossibly hard especially for those of us used to playing lots of free online games. The graphics and music is really excellent, and pretty close to that of console video games.

    Like many free online adventure games, Gangster Life is a Flash-based journey and does not require any sign ups or downloads.

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    More Free Adventure Games

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