Reviews of Free Casino Games

Reviews of Free Casino Games
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Free Blackjack (5 out of 5)

Free Blackjack is a great version of the classic card game “21” published by the Free Casino Games website. The game is Java-based and can be played in your preferred Web browser without any sign ups or downloading required.

Game play is surprisingly authentic, though it can be hard to beat your computer opponent. Each game starts you off with a bank of $5,000 and a number of casino chips that represent this play money. The rules are simple: you win if you have the highest number and do not exceed 21. You have the options to bet up to $500 per game, though in the middle of your round you can opt to double your money. Aside from the tough computer opponent, there are apparently no real issues with Free Blackjack that could hinder game play.

There is no real theme music in Free Blackjack, but the graphics are excellent and closely duplicate a Vegas-style blackjack dealer’s table.

The Free Casino Games publisher also offers multi-player Texas Hold ‘Em poker, classic poker, video poker, slots, roulette, and craps.

Joker Poker (4 out of 5)

Joker Poker is one of many free casino games.

Those seeking video poker as their free casino game of choice will probably enjoy playing Joker Poker published at Online Casino Advisory. The screen size is especially generous for an online Flash player game, and downloads and registrations are not required.

There is a help function (though some of the instructions are in French and Spanish) for those who do not understand the basic principles of poker or get stuck when betting, drawing, or choosing which cards to keep or discard.

There is no real musical theme associated with Joker Poker, and the main bug seems to be that this free casino game is giving directions in multiple languages simultaneously at times. However, those who already know how to play poker and want quality graphics and a nice-sized screen should enjoy their time gaming with Joker Poker.

Las Vegas Video Slots (5 out of 5)

Free casino games include Las Vegas Video Slots.

There was a recent list of resources to free slot games published at Bright Hub, but Las Vegas Video Slots merited its own review in this free casino games guide.

Las Vegas Video Slots is definitely superior when it comes to the many slot machines published on the Internet and its publisher, Casino Gambling Web, did not get a mention in the free slot games guide.

Free slot machine games are among the easiest free casino games to play. The concept is simple - click on the lever within the Flash player to pull, and if the reels match you win prizes or cyber cash.

Las Vegas Video Slots has superior graphics (ideal only for the best Internet connections) and fun bonus prizes such as touring the Vegas strip in a limo. The screen size of this Flash game is significantly larger than those of virtually all other free online slot games.

Downloadable Games

Free casino games at 777 include free slot games.

Some players may wish to download their free casino games, and the community at 777 offers this opportunity without requiring any kind of registration. Gamers can get free versions of roulette, Blackjack, craps, slot machines, video poker, and Caribbean poker to play on their personal computer without needing an Internet connection once the game is installed. Detailed instructions are also provided for all free casino games available at the 777 community. The slot machines are particularly exciting to play offline.