PC Video Games: Downloading Retro Games

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Those who enjoyed playing classic retro games such as Centipede, PacMan, and Ms. PacMan can still enjoy these games for free on their computer. There are a number of websites that specialize in free retro PC video games.

Classic Retro Games

Classic Retro Games offers nearly 250 free downloads of PC versions of retro video games from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. This website features Centipede, PacMan, Ms. PacMan, and QBert. Users can download their files without signing up for any kind of website membership.

The games on this website tend to be easy and quick to download, and offers numerous categories from which gamers can choose. Whether you are into fighting, action, platform, puzzle, adventure, maze, pong style, racing, or Tetris clones, there is surely something to please your retro game cravings.

PacMan and Ms. PacMan are especially fun to play, and there is also a version of Super Mario Kart sure to please fans of the classic video game character. Graphics are surprisingly good for free PC video games.

Classic PC Games

Classic PC Games does require membership sign up, but the retro games are still free. An especially helpful aspect of this PC video games website is the availability of user reviews, which help members decide in advance what games might be worth downloading.

Unlike most other websites, Classic PC Games offers free downloads based on classic films such as “Die Hard” as well as adult-themed games. There is also a top 100 list, which includes versions of retro games such as SimCity.

While Classic PC Games may not have the PacMans and QBerts of the retro game era, it is a worthwhile website with a lot of resources and plenty of “new” classics to try.

Computer Games - Play Here

Computer Games - Play Here does not require users to sign up to download games, and features top 20 and top 100 lists. While the selection is not as plentiful as Classic Retro Games or Classic PC Games, there is a number of retro card games, a PC version of Yahtzee, and a e-mail list for those who want to be notified when new games are uploaded to the website.

Gamers may also want to revisit the days of playing Risk and Clue Classic during the time at Computer Games - Play Here.