Free PC games - How to find them easily the first time

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People often ask me how to find free PC games online that they can download and enjoy. While some may think that simply typing in ‘free PC games’ into their favorite search engine will get them what they desire, this is not always the case.

Many of the searches that the search engine will return for the search term, ‘free PC games’ will return with less than favorable results. That is why you need to be careful how you type in what you are looking for.


First you need to decide exactly what type of games you would like to download. As we all know there are many types of games out there than in play on the computer. So you need to have a good idea of which type of game you would like to download. If you desire an RPG game make sure that term goes into your search phrase.

Then there is the matter of separating the free PC games from the games that are free to download. There is quite the difference there; well it is sometimes a good idea to play the game to see if it meets your needs and a trial version is fine. However, if you are looking for a specific game that you know you will enjoy, you do not want to go through whole game only to find a trial version where you cannot save your progress.

The Search Terms

Most of the web sites out here on the Internet want traffic, so they use the words “free download” freely and so they will get the visitors. It is very discouraging to be searching with the search term “free pc games” only to find out that that site offers only the download free, not the actual game. This is very deceptive, but there are many web sites, which use this term, because it is a page view magnet.

The way you type in your search term directly reflects the results you get from the search engines. If you want to free trial games than go ahead and type it that way, however if you would like to search for downloads of “free games” this will make a world of difference in your searches. The quotes narrow your search noticeably.

Downloads of “free pc games” will get you web sites where you can download free games and usually while the “downloads free pc games” will get you the free downloads were you usually have to pay for the game.


I would encourage you to be very careful on opening some of the game sites because you never know which ones will have adult content on the main page either in the form of advertising or sometimes just pictures.

I would also encourage you to always have an updated version of anti virus software running any time you download a free pc game or anything off the internet. It is better to be safe than sorry.


When I am looking for PC games to download for the computers within my home, I go to a site that I know can be trusted. I mostly go to, because I can filter the results to be free, trials or shareware. This is a safe way to do it when you have children in the house, because that site will not do adult advertising, as it is a family oriented web site

Here are some other sites I like for free pc game downloads: