Forza Motorsport 3 Cars: A List of Forza 3's Best Supercars

Forza Motorsport 3 Cars: A List of Forza 3's Best Supercars
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Top of the Class

As season play in Forza 3 moves forward you’ll quickly find yourself moving into events which require performance vehicles that are beyond ordinary. These supercars, which exist in class A and beyond, are capable of incredible performance.

But they can also be quite a handful and they are expensive, so choosing the wrong car can be a big problem. The five supercars listed here are both extremely quick and relatively easy to drive.

Porsche 911 GT2

Porsche’s concept of rear-engine performance has always seemed a little strange. After all, putting the engine so far back can cause some serious handling issues when a vehicle is pushed to the limit, and many versions of the 911 have been known to send their owners into trees tail-first.

But technology is a wonderful thing, and today’s engineers have an outstanding grasp of a car’s dynamics. You’d expect the Porsche GT2 to be a beast, but it isn’t. It is in fact an incredibly neutral car that anyone can drive quickly. It is a good pick for tracks with lots of sweeping turns, as it is difficult to push into understeer and easy to control when cornering at high speeds.

Mercedes SL65

The Mercedes SL65 AMG Black is incredibly quick. Its huge engine is capable of pushing the car forward with very little trouble. Even among supercars the Mercedes SL65 is a fast car.

Of course, it is also heavy, which can be a problem in the corners. The SL65 AMG Black has a bit of oversteer and understeer, depending on what is asked of it. But predictability is important, and the SL65 has that in spades. It may send its tail out easily, and it may wallow in tight corners, but it doesn’t catch you by surprise. And then, of course, the corner ends, and the SL65’s massive engine catapults you back into the lead.

Lamborghini Reventon

The problem with supercars in racing simulations is their speed. When flying down a straight at 180 miles per hour there is little room for error, and even less so when putting down a little too much power can spin your car out.

Enter the Reventon. With its huge power and all wheel drive, the Reventon is extremely easy to control. Four wheel drifts are possible at any speed.

Like the SL65, the Reventon is heavy, so its not what you’d call a corner carver. But while the SL65 can feel loose in certain situations because it is real wheel drive, the Reventon is more planted. It pays for this by being a little slower in the straights.

Ford RS200 Evolution

The odd looking RS200 is Forza 3’s most nimble supercar

This goofy looking Ford is an ugly duckling among supercars. With its bug-eyed expression, unusual air intakes, and complete lack of brand heritage, it doesn’t seem to stand a chance against the likes of Lamborghini and Mercedes.

But it does, and then some. The RS200 may look a bit strange, but it is mid-engined and all wheel drive, giving it excellent balance. This results in great acceleration, particularly off the line.

The real secret of the RS200, however, is its weight. While many supercars are reaching up to 4000 pounds, the RS200 weighs well under 3,000 even if upgraded with weight-increasing items like roll cages and big, fat tires. This makes it extremely nimble. If you’re looking for a supercar to use on a track with many tight corners, this is a good pick.

Chevorlet Corvette Z06

Ah, the Corvette. An American classic, the Corvette has always been a supercar boiled down to its raw form. Given its rear wheel drive nature and huge power, the Z06, like the Mercedes SL65, can be a bit of a beast when putting down the power out of a corner. But like the SL65, the Z06 is massively fast.

The Z06 is also a somewhat lighter and more agile car, however, and this pays off in the turns. Power oversteer aside, it takes sharp corners with surprising ease before blazing down the next straight.

The only problem? The Corvette Z06 is already near the max for A class, so there are not many options for personalizing the car if you intend to enter the Z06 into A class events.