Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Game Review

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Game Review
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The first time I played a Final Fantasy Tactics game was a long time ago in my old and trusty first generation Playstation. I remember the countless hours I spent finishing FFT only to play it all over again to explore other scenarios, customized other jobs and skills. FFT was one of the best games I played for the Playstation. When I got a copy of the Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for the DS which I learned is a follow-up to the FFTA for the Game Boy Advance I immediately got hooked into it. Just what I expected FFTA2 offers the same depth of gameplay as it was in the original FFT. Frankly, I was not disappointed. FFT A2 made me reminisce my old FFT playing nights and days. This game’s turn-based, grid-oriented battle system had engaged me into the game and brought back the excitement of hacking-and-slashing my way into the game’s story, until the very last chapter that I have to finish.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing about the FFTA2’s story worthy of bragging. For an avid FFT fans this is not a big issue . What is more important is how well the game could engage us gamers.


What good is a turn-based role playing strategy game without a good gameplay? Fortunately, this is one department which FFT has certainly excelled. And this is also the reason why the FFT series has become such a cult in the video gaming market. Gameplay for the FFTA A2 offers the same level of difficulty as the previous FFT. Jobs and skills building which is the central point of every FFT gameplay is still as interesting and as engaging as with other FFT games. Races and classes were well thought of and conceptualized in FFTA2. The Law system still exist in the game but this time it was now reduced into one and violating this law would no longer put you in jail but instead prevent you from reviving a dead character. Yes, it pretty much more lenient but like any other law, you should never disobey FFTA2’s Law system because you’ll never know when you would need to revive your characters.

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The game offers nothing new in the control department except for the touch screen but nothing beats the feeling of playing the game using the basic controls of the DS. Good thing is, FFT still employs the basic controls as with other DS games.


This DS version of the FFT series gives minor improvements on the different terrains of the battle field which makes up for a good challenge when strategizing on how to attack your enemies. Design and rendering of the characters where well done and are very appealing. Character classes were closely crafted and you can see the difference in how they were rendered.


This is what I been more curious to know about when I started playing FFTA2. Whether the game would let me play it over and over again. Gladly, the game offers more avenues for you to start playing it again and again to explore more possibilities.

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Title : Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS)

ESRB Rating: E

Publisher: Square Enix

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Rating: Worth buying new