Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Player Icon and Recipe Cheat Codes To Help Any Player Succeed In This PSP Title

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Player Icon and Recipe Cheat Codes To Help Any Player Succeed In This PSP Title
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Fighter’s Ring in Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidia: Final Fantasy PSP is a unique title for Square/Enix where they have engaged in Smash Bros. type self applause. With Final Fantasy: Dissidia PSP we have a 3D fighting game for the PSP that is chock full of the favorite Final Fantasy characters from years of committed fandom. Just as with most fighting games, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a lot less about normal game progression and more about the plug and play approach and cheat codes are welcome. Here are some of the “player icons” and recipes cheat codes that new players will need when busting out their PSP for Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Final Fantasy: Dissidia PSP

Dissidia ss1

If you are looking to get different player icons in Dissidia: Final Fantasy PSP, you have a process ahead of you just to enter in the Dissidia: Final Fantasy cheats. To enter these Dissidia: Final Fantasy cheats, you will need to go to the third choice that you have available to you in the icons section, then back up to the second one. You want to get to the fourth character set done by three selections. Now, you can delete what is present and enter in the cheat codes for the player icons. While this sounds confusing, when you are at the player icons area in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, you will easily be able to walk through this part without problem.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Player Icons

Dissidia ss3

There are a few player icon Dissidia: Final Fantasy cheats available, so here are some of the most popular.

If you want to open up the Final Fantasy Agito XIII icon you enter 7TY2AE6KLUL8, and for the XIII Versus icon you go with HEEBANRLTGS.

If you just want a regular Final Fantasy XIII icon you can enter in 28C7KMT23M48.

If you want to get the legendary Chocobo icon you enter the cheat code SCHKJKDB3CH6C, and for the Moogle you just type in HMM48AC4JH3.

These Dissidia: Final Fantasy cheats should help you gather up some of the most popular player icons in the game, and other Final Fantasy games that you love.

Recipes in Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidia ss1

There are so many available Dissidia: Final Fantasy cheats for recipes that only a few of these should really be entered. Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed in Final Fantasy: Dissidia PSP and find that you don’t like the game because it’s too complicated now.

For the Taurus Recipe you can enter KRCYGU7RJ8E3, and the Gemini Recipe is just H3CSH3SDA3YUN.

For the Cancer Recipe you type in SSAYECXK4CY6, ECTLMCCW3NMC for Virgo, 33MKERDTA2AK for Aries, HA3SESGAH3W3A for Leo, TGALKCAWTNA for Libra, and UC6H3M3778CH3 for Sagittarius.

You can also enter in H336DETYA23X for the Scorpio Recipe, UC5H3J46F3MZA for Capricorn, and finally MZCC3H38ZTUK for the Aquarius Recipe.

Enter in each of these Dissidia: Final Fantasy cheats individually for each of the astrological recipes available here.