Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Cheats/Tips

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Moon Phases

Take advantage of the moon phases for quick leveling up in each story. Here is the list of the moon phases:

  • Full Moon: Black Magic +25%; Physical Attacks -25%
  • Waning Moon: Physical Attacks +25%; Weapons -25%
  • New Moon: Weapons +25%; White Magic -25%
  • Waxing Moon: White Magic +25%; Black Magic -25%

For Ceodore’s story, it will be better if you level up your character during Waning Moon and New Moon. For Rydia’s Chapter, make sure you level up during the New Moon (due to Luca’s Big Throw or Calca and Brina’s Jive/Dance if you still have them) or during Full Moon (Rydia’s Black Magic).

Easy Money

To get easy money early on in the game, after the opening scene where you control Ceodore, immediately train Ceodore until he is at least level 11-12 in the forest nearby the town. Occasionally, some Floating Eyes will appear, which have high chances of dropping Gold Needles, which cures petrify. As you will not need Gold Needles on the Grotto, you should sell these for 200Gil each to get easy money early in-game.

Do the sidequest in the first town, and get the Ruby Ring of the bear-like thing to get an easy 500 Gil.

In-Game RNG Abuse

There is a RNG abuse usable in-game for some hard-to-get items such as the Mindflayer summons and Silver Apples if you haven’t reached a certain part of the game.

Silver Apples

Note: For this, you must NOT have finished Mist Cave dungeon during Ceodore’s chapter. If you have, the enemies in Devil’s Road will change and this method will become obsolete.

The method:

  • Have a healthy supply of Hi-potions
  • Save and reset the game on Devil’s road save point
  • Upon reloading, immediately head to the left through the teleporter
  • Take a few steps, and immediately you should run into Lilith with 2 Bloodbones
  • Have Hooded Man/Ceodore use a hi-potion on Lilith
  • Attack until the 2 Bloodbones are destroyed
  • This will result in the enemy dropping a silver apple
  • Return to the savepoint, save the game, reload, and you can repeat this method

Mad Ogre - Giant Gloves

In Rydia’s bonus dungeon, there will sometimes be an encounter with a Sorcerer and two Ghost Knights. When you kill off the Ghost Knights, the Sorcerer will summon a creature every time it is alone. There will be a chance that the enemy is a Mad Ogre. You can use this to your advantage by slowing down the Sorcerer with things like Slow or Silk Web, and increase Luca’s speed with something such as Haste/Hermes Sandals. Kill the Mad Ogres until you run out of everything, then defeat the Sorcerer. This way, you will get a lot of experience points as well as some Power Armlets, Headbands, and a lot of gold.