Fallout 2: Plant Live Grenade Tutorial

Fallout 2: Plant Live Grenade Tutorial
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Fallout 2 Grenades

Fallout 2, as a post-apocalyptic role playing game, has no shortage of material to draw upon when designing weapons for the game. Unlike fantasy based RPGs, which tend to be stuck in a swords-magic-bows dynamic, Fallout 2 strategies can be concocted around virtually any type of modern weapon type.

Grenades are one of these weapon classes, and are linked to the ‘throwing’ skill along with thrown spears and knives. The most powerful of the thrown weapons, grenades come in three primary flavors - frag, plasma, and pulse. Frag grenades do varying damage to all opponents, pulse grenades do more damage to robots, and plasma grenades do extreme damage to all but Enclave opponents. Of course, throwing a grenade is not the only way to deliver it to an enemy - if you’re a sneaky and somewhat sadistic player, you can, in Fallout 2, plant live grenade units on your opponents to achieve an instant kill.

Fallout 2: Plant Live Grenade for Maximum Effect

It is not easy to plant a live grenade in Fallout 2. Being a post apocalyptic role playing title, Fallout 2 is full of opponents who have weapons capable of doing extreme damage at range. Heavy weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers can wreak havoc from across the screen, and assault rifles, submachine guns, and combat shotguns can fire in burst mode - multiple shots are fired at once with less than perfect accuracy, but at close range the combined destructive power can be crippling or lethal in Fallout 2.

Plant live grenade tactics must be geared towards stealth and speed. If you want to create a character capable of planting grenades in combat, you’ll need the agility stat and sneak/steal skills to be quite high. Agility will provide your character with more action points, which will be needed both to close with an enemy as well as to access the opponent’s inventory to plant the grenade. Sneak will offset the range advantage of most opponents by allowing your character to get in close before activating combat - meaning you’ll be able to use your APs more effectively. And steal is helpful in actually planting the grenade without being noticed and attacked.

How to Plant the Grenade

In Fallout 2, plant live grenade attempts can be accomplished fairly easily, although there is an element of luck involved. Once you’ve a character with the proper stats (and acquired a grenade or two), activate sneak mode when you’ve spotted a target. Optimally, you’ll enter sneak mode prior to going into combat so that you’ll have less distance to close in order to get the grenade into the opponent’s inventory.

Fallout 2 Inventory

Once in sneak mode, move as close to your enemy as you can get. Do NOT attack - In all likelihood, you won’t get close enough without taking significant damage if you go in shooting. The point behind planting live grenades is to achieve an instant kill without taking damage in the process. Once close enough, activate the ‘steal’ mechanic on your chosen target to get into the enemy’s inventory. There, simply drag and drop a grenade from your inventory into the target’s. Once dropped, exit the steal screen, and put as much distance between you and your victim as possible!

Fallout 2 Plant Live Grenade Finale

At this point, just kick back and watch the fireworks. Detonating a grenade this close to an opponent is a surefire way to annihilate him without further attacks. With luck and skill, you won’t have even been spotted, and can sneak in to nab whatever loot is in the inventory, plus the recently dismembered’s weapon.

The inclusion of the ability to plant a live grenade in an opponent’s inventory is yet another example of the dark, though plausible, humor that characterizes Fallout 2. It takes a somewhat sadistic personality to conceive of this tactic, but its proper employment can make an otherwise difficult encounter far more manageable.