Fallout 2

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Fallout 2

Fallout 2: New Reno Quest Help and Tips

New Reno is one of the classic areas in Fallout 2. A seedy remnant of pre-war vice and debauchery, New Reno is chock full of prostitutes, gamblers, and mobsters. Naturally, some of the most interesting side quests in the game take the player to New Reno, and into the dens of mob boss stereotypes.

Fallout 2: Plant Live Grenade Tutorial

One of the more humorous role playing games in recent memory, Fallout 2 pulls out all the stops to fill the post apocalyptic wastes of Northern California with dark humor. The ability to plant a live grenade on an enemy, then step back and watch the resulting fireworks, is a perfect example.

Download Fallout 2 at Good Old Games

Fallout 2 stands as one of the all time best role playing games ever released. Combining an innovative character creation system with deep post apocalyptic gameplay, the recent re-release if Fallout 2 on GOG.com allows old fans and new converts to download Fallout 2 and conquer the wastes.

Guide to Fallout 2 Perks

The Fallout 2 perks available in the classic Interplay title are varied and generally useful. However, there are some clear functional front runners and some to avoid even in the best Fallout title. This guide will teach you the ins and outs of the best, worst, and funniest perks in the game

PC Gamers Fallout 1 & 2 Renovations

Gamers who aren’t happy with Fallout 3 might seem crazy to most, but that just means they love the old school feel of 1 & 2.

Read this article to learn how you can renovate Fallout 1 & 2 to make it more compatible with modern computer systems and give your old RPG favorite a new look and feel.