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D&D Jokes - A Staple in any Campaign

If you’re new to the gaming table, don’t think that just because you’ve created your character, brought your dice, and miniatures that you’re fully equipped for the session ahead.

Dungeons and Dragons is a game played by people with a streak for creativity and a love for fun. The whole point of playing Dungeons and Dragons is to have fun. We all get together to explore aspects of our classes, excessive aspects of our own personalities that can’t be used in day to day life, and to have some laughs.

We laugh at jokes, we laugh at the circumstances, we laugh at each other. We even laugh at ourselves! (Hey, at a certain point, getting laughed at just rolls off our backs!)

I can honestly say, some of the most humorous memories were forged at the gaming table.

D&D Jokes

Perhaps the first genre of joke we think of when we hear the word “Joke”, the one liner will be prominent at the table. This is usually something brief and clever, something that packs a quick jab of humor sometimes so subtly, that you might miss it if you’re not paying attention!

Never ask a Dwarf to pick up the bill, they’re always a little short!

I’d give my right arm to be able to dual wield!

Unemployed Dwarf = No Job, Too Small

If you are looking for D&D jokes like one liners, the internet is swarming with them. Before hitting Google, here are a couple of the most popular locations online:

Philosophical One Liners at GiantInThePlayground.com

Silly D&D Jokes from RPG.Net



Humor is not always something that can just be pulled out of the air without some situational cooperation. Most of the time in the gaming group, something has to happen, from which the humor can be drawn. Without the situation, there’s no opportunity for a joke. Sometimes, if the joke is good enough, a little clever maneuvering can create the ideal situation, but it can be difficult to do when you only control a limited amount of the variables.

There’s no easier way to create a situation than to write it all in comic form. The writer of a comic controls absolutely everything that’s going on, not just the actions or one character.

Giant in the Playground is a website run by Rich Berlew. Rich had created a RPG setting, and submitted it in a Wizard of the Coast contest, where the winner would have his game published. Unfortunately his setting came in second, losing to the Eberron setting. However, this did not stop him from becoming rather well known in the gaming community in part due to his web comic, The Order of the Stick. This comic takes place at the dawn of 3rd edition, and in fact the first comic shows the characters of a D&D game realizing that they’ve just been upgraded from 2e. While the comic is several years old now, Rich has decided that he will not be upgrading the character to 4e. (Pathfinder maybe??)

If you are familiar with 3rd edition, this comic will hit home.

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