Find Printable D&D Character Sheets to Enhance Your Game Session

Find Printable D&D Character Sheets to Enhance Your Game Session
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Printable D&D Character Sheets

Printable character sheets offer a wide array of customization options including class-specific areas for spells, abilities, feats and metamagic. These sheets come in a variety of forms from the most basic official sheets to PDF files brimming with options for backgrounds, stat tracking and printed character creation rules for the roleplaying game. Each sheet offers its own strengths and weaknesses and attentive Dungeon Masters should choose the sheet that best fits the needs of their ongoing campaign. Combat heavy campaigns typically require a greater focus on combat feats and the strength or dexterity statistics, while spellcasting or espionage-based dungeon crawlers need skill-based or spell-heavy sheets.

Character Sheets at

Official Dungeons and Dragons character sheets may be found at Wizards of the Coast owns all rights to the D&D properties and has been responsible for publication of the Dungeons and Dragons game since the end of the Second Edition. The current Fourth Edition sheets feature prominently on the D&D homepages and previous set sheets are located in the Archives section of the website. Each sheet features the most basic version of the character’s attributes and customized or customizable printable sheets may offer much more than these versions. The sheets found at are the same as those located in the character creation sections of the Players or Dungeon Master Manual books.

Mad Irishman’s Printable D&D Character Sheets

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Patrick M. Murphy maintains Mad Irishman Productions printable D&D character sheets for every version of the game from the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set to the current Fourth Edition. These sheets offer background and statistics customization, feat placement and character portraits, and another of other optional improvements in an easy-to-use PDF format. These customized character sheets put the most referenced statistics on the first few lines of the sheet and order the rest of the information in order of common use. Mad Irishman’s sheets also allow the reordering of character statistics to suit the various abilities of the regular clerics, bards, sorcerors and older classes such as the acrobat or cavalier. Separate, optional, areas for spellcasting and psionics provide even further customization for the printable sheets.

EN World Forums

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The EN World Forums buzz with activity from active gamers and players of D&D and other roleplaying games. Their 4e Fan Creations forum hosts a number of printable D&D character sheets at various levels of completion. Dungeon Masters may speak with the creators of these sheets to request custom options, additions or deletions to the works and many regular forum users are willing to comply to help fellow DMs. Older fan creations can be found under the D&D Legacy forums which run the gamut of rules and sheets from all previous editions of the popular tabletop roleplaying game.