Uncharted Waters Online Merchant’s Guide

Uncharted Waters Online Merchant’s Guide
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Into Uncharted Territory

Koei’s taking the online market by storm with a nice selection of free-to-play games that range from action oriented hack-and-slash titles, such as Dynasty Warriors Online, to the strategic diplomatic high-seas faring MMO, Uncharted Waters Online. In the case of the latter game, it offers players a few playable classes that drastically change the way the game is played. Each class on the game suits a specific role in the game and this Uncharted Waters Online merchant’s guide will walk you through the basics for buying and selling goods for a profit.

Merchant School Of Hard Knocks

Instructor and student grabbing a few drinks while on duty

Before getting into the fold of things, and before you can take on any meaningful quests, it’s first required of you to go through the full tutorial phase. This is a very lengthy process that all new players of any class must complete in order to achieve the full benefits that a class archetype has to offer. Otherwise, there’s the trouble of not having any missions to do and basically aimlessly wandering out on the open sea, fighting petty pirates and merchant boats, or trading small amounts of commodities between cities. Hence, It’s very important to follow through with the tutorial missions you earn at the start of the game by registering at the academy and taking on the appropriate class missions, which will not only grant you with the knowledge and skills for being an effective merchant, but also granting you with all the necessary money you’ll need to upgrade your boat and get supplies for lengthy expeditions.

A Merchant’s Boat Is His Lifeblood

Customizing the boat

One thing to keep in mind when playing as a merchant is that a fast and cargo-reliant boat is the very thing that’s necessary for being a reliable and steadfast merchant. The starting boat is good for getting the basics done. And it’s actually best to do some basic trading once you finish the tutorial missions and graduate.

Basic trading can be done between any two cities, and as described during the tutorial, all that’s required is to buy low from a merchant in a town and sell high to a neighboring town. Considering that a decent boat will run $100k and up, it’ll require a lot of saving, trading and venturing back and forth between a few of the same towns for a while. Players who would rather bypass getting a decent boat for longer voyages would probably find it more suitable to simply upgrade the starter boat with sails to increase speed and a few add-ons to make combat swift enough for you to either get quick kills or get out of the area unscathed.

Picking And Choosing The Right Goods

Finally heading out into sea

Meeting with a pedlar

Before being able to go on grand expeditions across the high seas, it’s first important to know how to trade effectively and use the trading skills to quickly make some cash before putting time and energy into any large scale adventures. Trading small goods between towns will help not only in familiarizing yourself with the game world and the various towns that you can travel to, much like IGG’s free-to-play title Voyage Century, but every trade helps a small bit in determining the outcome of the game’s economic structure.

Just remember to look for what’s selling high and what’s worth buying for a low price. The rule still applies to buy low and sell high. Sometimes this includes buying up goods and hanging on to them for a few days until you can sell them at a town for a reasonable profit. Of course, due to the nature of the game’s perpetually fluctuating economy, there’s always the possibility that you could end up with a loss purchasing certain goods due to travel times. Hence, when starting off, try to stay within a small travel area so you don’t have to worry about losing out on a profit by staying out on the sea for too long.

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