Dungeons and Dragons Online Wizard Builds and Skills Guide

Dungeons and Dragons Online Wizard Builds and Skills Guide
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Conjuration Overview

“Conjuration” is one of the schools of magic in the massively multiplayer online role playing game, “Dungeons and Dragons Online.” Understanding conjuration will help players better understand the Dungeon and Dragons online wizard builds and skill guides necessary to make a wizard as powerful as possible. It is the discipline of the manifestation of material objects from a different plane of existence into the command of the caster. This discipline of magic is used extensively by wizards in the world of D&D, especially in summoning allies to their cause or objects that can be used to give the wizard some kind of advantage. Conjuration is much more than bringing a goblin to serve a master, it can also be applied for healing purposes and powerful offensive spells. It is one of the most popular disciplines of magic in “Dungeons and Dragons Online” because it has a myriad of uses.

The Sub-Schools

Mages using conjuration can make themselves durable in battle.

As a discipline, Conjuration broadly deals with materializing useful items or creatures to help the caster, but it is further sub-categorized into four major sections. These sections help to better indicate what Conjuration is used for. The sub-schools of Conjuration include Calling, Creation, Healing and Summoning. Understanding these four conjuration skill sets will help a player best utilize the conjuration skill in Dungeons and Dragons Online character class wizard and magic users.

  • Calling- This is the sub-school that deals with calling a pre-existing creature from its plane of existence into your own plane of existence. This includes demons, celestial beings, abyssal creatures and other similar life forms.
  • Creation- Creation is the sub-school of energy manipulation. Using creation magic, a Dungeons and Dragons Online Character Class Wizard can create a magical assembly of energy to use to his advantage. This allows wizards to shoot materialized objects in an offensive manner.
  • Healing- This, of course, uses the magic of conjuration to summon forth celestial and divine powers to heal injured or destroyed life forms.
  • Summoning – Summoning instantly manifests an object or creature from raw energy into a position of the wizard’s choosing. Summoned creatures differ from called creatures in that, when they die, they are gone whereas called creatures merely return to their home plane of origin.

Application in Battle

Dungeon And Dragons Online Wizard conjuration of fire.

Any good battle mage will know his way around a conjuration spell book in DDO. This is because Conjuration is the premier form of battle magic. Though it can be utilized as an defensive or passive magic, the primary application of DDO conjuration magic is to destroy. Conjuration can be used in battle in three major ways.

  • Assault- spells used in conjuration for assault are those that cause direct damage to target. This might be a conjured magical arrow summoned by the wizard to fly directly at the heart of a target, or a glob of wax sent to debilitate a foe before it is able to attack the wizard. Conjuration causes a good wizard to be a truly dire opponent in battle. The basic element of conjuration is to bring things into existence that will destroy a threat.
  • Summoning- the bread and butter of the conjuration skill is calling creatures into existence. This can be used as offensive or defensive as a creature can be summoned to attack or to defend. Creatures can also be called into the world of DDO to provide advice to the caster or simply to be a traveling companion of little practical application.
  • Fortification- Conjuration can also be used to fortify the strength of a DDO wizard. This can be done by allowing the caster to bring spectral armor or ethereal protection from another plane of existence.

What Conjuration Means in DDO

Conjuration is a necessary skill of any DDO wizard class. Though it does not necessarily have to be the primary tool of the caster, it should always be utilized in some capacity if a wizard wants to be effective. This could mean only using the summoning abilities for protection, only using the healing abilities to keep from dying or helping allies, or even only keeping a few offensive assault abilities in your arsenal. Whatever the purpose a player uses conjuration for, players should always keep at least a few abilities of the conjuration skill set close at hand.