Guide to the Warforged Dungeons and Dragons Online's Premium Race

Guide to the Warforged Dungeons and Dragons Online's Premium Race
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Warforged Overview

In the massively multiplayer online role playing video game, “Dungeons and Dragons Online,” you take the true-to-genre task of creating a character before beginning your sojourn into the world of Eberon of the D&D setting. Though the game is now free to play, unlike most popular online role playing video games, certain features remain exclusive to the premium members who still pay a certain fee for the game. One of these exclusive features is access to the magical and powerful Warforged Dungeons and Dragons online class.

A Warforged is a mystical being which was crafted by a particularly powerful being for one reason alone; to wage war. Unlike other characters in the D&D universe, Warforged beings do not have to eat or sleep. They are powerfully physical competitors and pose a threat to any who would downplay their intelligence. Playing this class is a different experience because you have a different set of skills that other characters do not possess. Understanding the race and its strengths can enhance your ability to play the Warforged DDO character effectively.

The History of Warforged

Hundreds of years ago, the world of Eberon was torn with the fires of war. Soldiers were killed by the thousands in single skirmishes while the lords of the land struggled to keep their armies up to the number necessary to maintain their empires. The minds of great wizards and inventors merged during the Last War to create a sentient race of beings known as the Warforged. Their bodies are covered in metal plating, allowing for a higher degree of protection than their humanoid creators.

However, because of their inorganic nature, a warforged creature does not receive the full scale of benefits from healing spells and potions. Rather, they are repaired by engineers of the world. Though they cannot wear armor on top of their skin, a Warforged can customize its appearance through special feats. Using these feats, a Warforged can make his body more durable or more flexible.

Warforged Classses

Warforged mage

Though you can play any class you want, the Warforged character race is particularly powerful when you use certain classes. Because of the massive constitution bonus that Warforged characters have from the beginning of character creation, they make exceptional fighters and barbarians. However, because they are repaired rather than healed like other characters, they also make tremendously strong and resilient sorcerers and wizards, as long as they can use the “Repair” skill.

  • Physical Bonus- Warforged sacrifice a penalty to wisdom and charisma in exchange for a bonus to their constitution. This makes them more resilient against physical and magical attacks. However, this also means that they will make poor bards, paladins or clerics.
  • Arcane Advantage- Though they do not have any bonus to their intelligence that would give them advanced magical prowess, they are naturally more resilient against magic. This makes them particularly powerful wizards and sorcerers because they are not as vulnerable in a combat scenario. Most magic users have the fatal flaw of being weak against physical assailants. However, Warforged hold strong against physical assault and can repair themselves much more efficiently than others can with natural healing potions or spells.

Warforged Skills

Warforged Warrior

Though they do have a natural physical bonus to their constitution, Warforged are much more complicated than that advantage alone. They also posses several other skills that make them particularly useful in combat.

  • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, fatigue, exhaustion and nausea. This allows them to resist most biological weaknesses that nearly all of the other classes have.
  • Breathing Underwater: In your travels, you will come across many instances in which you have cause to travel under the sea. When this occurs, a Warforged character will be able to stay under for much longer than the normal character.
  • Fortification: This skill prevents sneak attack bonuses and critical attack bonuses. This makes them even more difficult to best in a physical match up.

A Unique Race

Though the Warforged race does not make for a great rogue, bard or ranger, if used in the right capacity they can be terrible forces to behold on the battlefield. Whether they are hammering away at the enemy’s face with powerful swings with broadswords and axes, or blasting foes at a distance with slices of electricity or ice, a Warforged character is like no other race in the entire world of Dungeons & Dragons Online.

In knowing how to utilize their talents the most effectively, a Warforged can be the most devastating player of a party simply by virtue of its race.


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