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    • What Duke Nukem Forever Did Right
      After it's ridiculously long development cycle, Duke Nukem Forever has been attacked across the internet as a generally bad game. That's not to say it's all bad, however. Most reviews focus on the negative, without telling you what DNF managed to do right. Read on, and I'll tell you.
    • The Duke's Reign: Hail to the King
      Duke Nukem is one of the major FPS games, though it hasn't always been that way. It's changed a lot over the years. Curious about the history of the Duke? Read on to find out all about his sordid history with the FPS genre and gaming in general.
    • Find All the Duke Nukem Achievements and Ego Rewards
      Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to shape the way video games were perceived by the world and bring something new to the table. It didn't quite live up to that hype, but it's still an Xbox game, so it still has achievements. Where there are achievements to be earned, there are guides!
    • Make Me a Hero: Blank Canvas is Best
      For true immersion in a game, especially a shooter, it’s best to have a blank canvas as your main character. Loud, crazy, macho, video game heroes just aren’t appealing and no one can identify with them.
    • Retro Gaming Review: Duke Nukem 3D for PC
      The much-played and much-maligned Duke Nukem 3D holds an important place in gaming history not just for its gameplay, but for its imagery.
    • Duke Nukem Forever: Out of Limbo and Into Hell
      The game that shocked the world ... due to its mediocrity.
    • Preview of Duke Nukem Forever
      For years it seemed as thougb Duke Nukem Forever would never arrive. It turns out Gearbox is taking over the project and has even gone so far as to put a 2011 launch tag on the title. What can gamers expect from the insanely long-awaited FPS?
    • Retro Reviews Part Five: Duke Nukem
      The last article of the Retro Reviews, in this article we are going to review the Duke Nukem series. The Duke one of those game that made history

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