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    • Guide to Playing a Dragon Nest Elementalist
      You chose to make a Sorceress and you've raised her to level 15; now you want to learn about the possible skills you can learn. This is the place to be if you're thinking about an Elementalist. Rampage through your enemies with elemental skills surpassing those of any other character!
    • Guide to Playing a Dragon Nest Sorceress
      Whether you've just decided to play Dragon Nest or you're making yet another character to powerlevel, knowledge of the skills available is always useful. Read on in this article to learn all about the basic skills available to Dragon Nest Sorceresses.
    • Guide to Playing a Dragon Nest Warrior
      Looking to choose a class in Dragon Nest? Warriors are the most extreme example of a physical class available, and their power is to be respected. Get in close with swords, axes, or hammers and watch your opponents scatter before you.
    • Guide to Playing a Dragon Nest Archer
      So you've decided you want to play Dragon Nest but you don't know what class you want to start with. Or maybe you've played a different class and want to try something new. Either way, why not give the Archer a shot? Snipe enemies from safety or kick them to death, whichever you find fun!
    • Bright Hub's General Guide to Dragon Nest
      Dragon Nest is the newest MMO brought to you by Nexon America, the folks responsible for Dungeon Fighter Online, Maplestory, Combat Arms, and others. Korean in origin, english information about the game is scarce and often conflicting. Well, we do our best to check it all and bring it to you!
    • Guide to Playing a Dragon Nest Priest
      The Priest is the most supportive class in all of Dragon Nest, and even then he's not a support or heal bot. You get to do some damage as well as heal your allies, and keep the party alive through the worst of it. Read on in this article to learn all the skills and make a build.
    • Guide to Playing a Dragon Nest Cleric
      So you've just started Dragon Nest, or maybe you're starting another character, and you've decided that you want to play a Cleric. You've come to the right place! Read this article for information on each of the Cleric skills and each of the subclasses, to choose the one that's right for you.
    • Guide to Playing a Dragon Nest Paladin
      Possibly one of, if not the best PvE class in all of Dragon Nest, the Paladin is a strong divine warrior fighting the forces of the Abyss. Nothing can stop you when you call down the holy judgement. Read this guide to Paladin skills and use the info to make a perfect build.
    • Dragon Nest Beginner Walkthrough for Archers
      Do you like taking down enemies at a distance using crossbows or bow and arrows? Well, you just might enjoy playing as the long-range femme fatale Archer in Nexon's Dragon Nest.
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