Dragon Age Origins Freezing on Xbox 360 - Solutions

Dragon Age Origins Freezing on Xbox 360 - Solutions
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Thawing the Ice: Preventing Dragon Age Origins Freezing on Xbox 360

Butchering Darkspawn and making chumps out of peasants is a hard days work. It’s a lot tougher when it’s more than those blasted elves trying to put you on ice. It turns out the Xbox 360 has plenty of ways to stop you in your tracks. Freezes and lock-ups are a constant hazard for many 360 owners of Dragons Age:Origins. Microsoft support isn’t likely to help you out much either.Fortunately we’ve got you covered. After scouring the internet we’ve uncovered the best ways to deal with Dragon Age: Origins freezing on the Xbox 360 with solutions even that mouthy dwarf could follow.

1.Clear your 360’s cache.

The 360 is a testy, flighty critter on a good day and sometimes for whatever reason something in the system cache just doesn’t want to cooperate. Your best bet for a quick and easy fix is to do a little house keeping. Clearing the cache won’t ruin any save games or downloaded content but you will have to re-download any console updates for your games. Here are the steps straight from the big M’s mouth.

  • On your Xbox 360 console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings.
  • Select Memory.
  • Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller.Important Do not press the A button.
  • Select Clear System Cache.

However, for reasons beyond anyone but Microsoft, some users will not be able to click or even see the Clear System Cache button. If that’s the case you can enter what is basically the Xbox’s Contra code to force it to clear the cache regardless. At the memory screen enter the following button sequence.

  1. Press the X button twice.
  2. Press the left bumper.
  3. Press the right bumper.
  4. Press the X button two more times.

Eventually one way or the other you should be asked if you want to preform system maintenance. Select yes and hopefully you’ll be knee deep in elves again before you know it.

2. Install Dragons Age: Origins on the Xbox 360 Hard Drive.


A lion’s share of the freezes and errors in Dragons Age come from disk errors. Fortunately installing the game directly on to the hard drive eliminates most of these and as an added bonus it should quiet down the blender full of beads that is the 360’s fan. To install the game follow these easy directions.

  • Go to the Xbox 360 dashboard.
  • Highlight Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Press the Y Button and follow the prompts.
  • Alternatively you can select the game and the option to install should appear below “play game”

3. Don’t save at Redcliffe.

As strange as it sounds it seems that many of the bugs that plague Dragons Age seem to be arising from save files being inexplicably corrupted when saved at the town of RedCliffe. Most of the problems stem from exploiting an infinite gold glitch but plenty others have experienced problems ranging from corrupt saves to increased freezes after loading from here. One way or another it’s worth it to follow the old Rpg adage “save early and save often” just not in RedCliffe.

4. Emergency Save.

4. If the game’s audio starts skipping or cuts out all together try save your game in a new slot. Dragons Age has some tell-tale signs that something horribly wrong is about to happen. Generally this is the audio breaking up or the graphics getting choppy or sluggish. If you can catch it quick enough you can generally pull up a menu and save your game before everything locks up. Just make sure you don’t save over a good file in the rare event that the save doesn’t go through.

These tips should keep your party from the icy maw of a game freeze and back to merrily hacking your way through Darkspawn in no time.