Dragon Age: Origins Tactics - Healing Tactics

Dragon Age: Origins Tactics - Healing Tactics
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How Tactics Work

Tactics may seem complicated or unnecessary to begin with. But with a little exploration of how they are set up and used, we’ll see that they are useful, and indeed are paramount to progressing through the game. This is particularly true for the latter stages and the final battle with the darkspawn archdemon. These tough boss fights will be almost impossible without them (Although if you still can’t kill the archdemon, there’s a walkthrough for that).

The good thing about setting up in Dragon Age: Origins tactics is that the interface is surprisingly simple. With three main fields to fill in, players are free to mix and match with different tactics to create something that works for them and their gameplay style.

Self Healing

The most frustrating thing for any player is to be too late to save a wounded one. To lessen this possibility, a self-healing tactic can be used. While the amount of health used for the tactic is up to the cautiousness of the individual, values of < 10% or < 25% are usually safe to use. The tactic itself is set up like this.

Self: health < x% - <use health item/spell>

For most characters, the use of a health poultice will be acceptable for the tactic. However, a mage should use healing spells so that you don’t waste potions.

It is also important that the tactic is placed at number one on the slot list. This will ensure that the tactic is used as soon as it is needed, rather than be given priority below other tactics.

Healing Allies

Mages are especially useful in battle because they are able to use healing spells on allies. If you’re having trouble building a good healer, then you can check our Dragon Age Mage Guide. This is yet another way to save health poultices for when they are really needed. In order to set up this Dragon Age: Origins tactic, use the following code.

Ally: health < x% -

This is an incredibly useful way to keep allies alive during a fight. However, the mage’s own health must be placed at a higher priority of those of his/her allies, as if the mage is killed, all of the allies lose the healing spells.

This tactic also is not mutually exclusive of the self healing tactic above. While it may save poultices, an ally must have the tactic set up to heal itself should the mage not be quick enough in casting a spell.

Shielding Injured Allies

Dragon Age: Origins Tactics

Mages are also able to shield an injured ally to allow them time to heal, without the use of health spells or items. It is set up as below.

Ally: health < x% - Force Field

This tactic allows a character to be completely shielded from damage behind the invulnerable force field, where they can regain health quickly and then jump straight back into the action. This ability can prevent the early loss of characters in large fights, though in some situations, it is more beneficial to use the Force Field ability as an offensive one (more on this in the next article).

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The use of tactics in Dragon Age Origins is important in completing the game. Without effective assistance from the NPCs in a player’s party, they will most certainly be defeated, especially in the later stages of the game.

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