Can a Dragon Age Origins PC Game Add On Be Evil? A Look at Darkspawn Chronicles - A Dark Twist to the Popular RPG Game

Can a Dragon Age Origins PC Game Add On Be Evil? A Look at Darkspawn Chronicles - A Dark Twist to the Popular RPG Game
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Welcome to the Darkness – About the Evil Dragon Age Origins PC Game Add On

Imagine a world where the Gray Wardens have failed. You have died during the joining and all hope has become lost. In this alternate universe style scenario, the Darkspawn have succeeded in defeating most of the lands of Ferelden. They have grown in large numbers and seek to wipe out what remains of the scattered bands of heroes who resist their wrath. Their only obstacle is Alistair, the last remaining Gray Wardens. With only his companions and remaining armies they hope to defeat the odds and kill the Arch Demon and the Darkspawn hordes.

The game begins as the Arch Demon commands hordes of Darkspawn towards the city of Denerim. You are a Darkspawn Hurlock commander who will lead his minions to defeat what remains of the survivors of Ferelden. Despite their valiant attempts, Alistair and the remaining heroes will fail. You will lead the Darkspawn to victory and open the door to a new age of evil with the leadership of the Arch Demon.

Character Features

You are a level twelve Hurlock Vanguard warrior with weapon and shield abilities. You have limited skills in poison with first level specialization in Champion. There is no Darkspawn character creation or level advancing.

The Darkspawn Hurlock recruits members to his hero party by use of the “Enthrall” ability. This basically makes the target a thrall for you to command. Like the standard Dragon Age Origins PC game, up to four members can be included into a party. However, if you would like to exchange a thrall for a different one, you cannot simply dismiss them. They have to be killed with the use of the “Execute Thrall” ability.

What is Different about this Dragon Age Origins PC Game Add On?

Darkspawn Chronicles screenshot

In Darkspawn Chronicles there are some features that are not available that you can normally find in the regular DAO game. For instance, items cannot be purchased through shops. Resources you need will need to be found during exploration and through the spoils of war. Unfortunately, these things are limited in supply which makes this scenario bit more challenging.

Another difference is the control of various Darkspawn types. Command Shrieks, Ogres, Emissarys, Hurlocks as well as Darkspawn versions of archers, rogues and warriors.

Remember the numerous dialog sessions you had with your companions and other NPCs? Since the Darkspawn do not communicate in “English”, all conversation is limited to commands displayed in text form.

What Stays the Same?

The game play in Darkspawn Chronicles is the same as the original title. Members of your “hero” party can be manipulated by use of tactics, weapons, armor and items.

Darkspawn characters have approval ratings. Successful combat kills and actions will result in an increase in party member’s approval. Gifts can also be given to increase this rating. Fortunately, the Darkspawn are not that picky and will be happy with any gift you give them.

Final Words

If you are a fan of Dragon Age Origins, and are tired being a “do gooder” for a change, Darkspawn Chronicles is for you. For only a few dollars, you can give in to your dark side and give in to blind and pointless violent acts. Buy the game for your PC through the Bioware official website. Darkspawn Chronicles is also available on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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