Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Chanter's Board - Redcliffe

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Chanter's Board - Redcliffe
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The Chantry is an overarching religious organization with a hand in most of the world’s business, so it naturally has a lot of quests for you to undertake. There are chantry boards in three locations. There is one in Lothering, although it won’t last long. The other two are in Redcliffe and Denerim, near the chantries in each town. They do have different quests depending on the town, so you should look at both. Quests picked up from the chanter’s board can be turned in to either chanter though.

Note that many of the quests in Denerim can be accidentally completed ahead of time, which tends to make the quest buggy and incompleteable if you then take it. I suggest tha you grab all of the Denerim chanter’s board quests as soon as you can to avoid these problems.

All the ones on the first page should be Redcliffe chantry quests. The second page will be Denerim chantry quests.

Caravan Down

This is a pretty quick one. You just need to move on out to the caravan location on the world map. Once you get to the location, you’ll find a destroyed caravan and some nearby darkspawn. All oyu have to do is gut them all. They should just be garden variety darkspawn close to your level. Once they’re dead, you just have to turn in the quest to wrap it up. There’s really not much to this one.

Brothers and Sons

This is a quick one too, but you really have to have a good crowd control system in place. If you are playing as a higher level character, then you will be facing massive wolf packs in the battle. Go to the marked spot on the map and approach the body. You should be able to find a journal. This will officially complete the quest. We do have to actually leave though and this means that you’ll need to get past the wolves that have come to feast upon the dead.

Move forward. One big wolf pack should spawn. Do not keep moving forward. If you go too far forward, then you will accidentally spawn the second wave before you’re done with the first. Hold your ground, protect your mage and use a whole lot of magic to separate the group and buy your warriors some time to cut right through the fairly weak, but numerous, wolves. Move up and take out the next way in the same manner.

The final one is a big bear, although this is probably easier than fighting a large force of weak enemies. Surround and pound him. Loot the rest of the containers and then leave to report the grime results.

Skin Deep

This is a quick one and you’ll probably do it automatically. Do not wait to start it though. Try to get it as soon as possible so that you can start collecting corpse gall in the main quest. There are three main battles where you will get a chance to collect corpse gall. You should be able to find it on the skeletons during the general Battle for Redcliffe, the Nature of the Beast quest and you should be able to find some inside the Circle Tower.

It should just be a lootable item on the bodies after you kill them. Collect 18 before going back to get a full five sovereigns, instead of the promised three for nine.

Desperate Haven

We need to go out and save some refugees for this one. This is actually one of the trickier missions. Go to the marked spot on the world map and rush into the battle as quickly as possible. Note that you do not have to actually save the refugees, you just have to beat the darkspawn. Fighting fast means that the refugees will still be alive as active decoys and allies. Have someone do a full bull rush to try and get to the emissary in back. It knows a lot of magic that can really mess up your day.

The rest aren’t anything special, if you have a few poultices or a healer. There should just be a few archers and several hurlocks. Have your rogue backstab the hurlocks as the attack the refugees. The rest can just duke it out and use crowd control magic. Loot the bodies after the battle, then leave to report the bad news to the chantry.

Back Alley Justice

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Chanter’s Board - Back Alley Justice - Gang Leader

I suggest that you start this one really quickly. If you kill one of the gangs on your own before you take the quest, then it will probably get bugged and not actually count that gang as killed. So take it early. You’ll have to clear the back alleys for several other quests anyway.

The quest itself is straightforward. You need to go to each of the alleys and rush forward. A large gang will attack you and you need to kill them all. It’s the same fight three times. It’s not that easy though. You need to just rush forward and try to survive. I hope you have a fair number of poultices or a good healer. The archers can be pretty damaging if you just ignore them, so you might want to have someone rush them. The rest need to help the mage run crowd control. Once the bulk of the grunts are dead, you can kill the gang leader to finish it all off.

Missing in Action

Believe it or not, the soldier is not of on a bender. He’s been captured by Arl Howe. You’ll stumble across him during the “Rescue the Queen” quest. He’s a crazed and exhausted man in his underwear trapped inside the dungeon. If you want, you can kill poor Rexel. I have no idea why you would want to do this. it must only be for roleplaying purposes, since you won’t get the two sovereign reward if you kill him. Talk to him and you should note it in the quest log. You can report it to the chantry to finish the quest.

Fazzil’s Request

This is a quick one. You need to find a sailor’s sextant. This is easy. At one point during the Landsmeet, you’ll get to go to the run down apartments while you’re chasing the slavers capturing the elves. One of the side apartments has a box on a table. Fazzil’s Sextant is inside. That’s it.

Do try to get it quickly. You need to have the quest before you pick it up, otherwise it tends to get a little buggy about detection.

Loghain’s Push

Well, it’s really our duty as adventurers to make sure that Loghain’s soldiers are “safe.” It’s time for some quick revenge. Loghain’s men are trying to seize some land for Bann Telman’s land. So we’re going to charge right into the fray and help our potential ally. This is actually easy, since the allied soldiers are pretty skilled. You should have no trouble backstabbing them while they charge the allied soldiers. Your warriors can just jump right into the fray and your mage can start firing off spells. That’s really about it. They’ll die really fast and the allied soldiers will thank you and walk away. Loot the bodies and leave. Report the “tragic” loss to the chantry for a few sovereigns.

Unintended Consequences

This one isn’t technically a Denerim quest. In order to do this one, you need to do the Summoning Sciences quest and unleash the Trickster Whim upon the world. Once he’s out, this mission should pop up. All you have to do is accept the quest and travel around the roads. He is usually around Lake Callenhad.

You’ll spawn right into a battle as the Trickster Whim waits by a wrecked trade caravan. He’ll split off three clones and stick around to attack you. Have someone buff the main trickster. They’ll need to just stay alive and keep him distracted. The fight is just a simple endurance match once you take out his help. Just focus on grinding through the clones one at a time and then surround him. It’s not easy, but it is fairly simple in concept. As long as you can keep your health up, you’ll be able to kill him and get some decent boots off of his body.

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