Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Blackstone Irregulars - Starting Out

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Blackstone Irregulars - Starting Out
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The Blackstone Irregulars are a mercenary group that is willing to give you a few sovereigns for some fairly simple messenger tasks. You can help them recruit people, retrieve supplies and ultimately decide the entire future of the guild. There are Blackstone Representatives and reward chests located throughout the Dragon Age World. One is in Denerim at the Gnawed Noble Inn. One is near the chantry in Redcliffe. There is also one in Lothering who is absolutely vital.

I explain this quite clearly in my Lothering Side Quest guide, but you have to do the first part of the Conscription quest as soon as possible. Otherwise the recruit will die in Lothering and you won’t be able to recruit him. This means that you won’t be able to actually finish this quest line. Of course you wouldn’t find this out normally until the end of the game.

Make sure that you check both the Redcliffe and Denerim boards, since each has some unique quests. You’ll probably be in both locations fairly often.

Scraping the Barrel

This is an easy one, if you did it early like I’ve told you to do. There are three people that you have to present with their draft notices for the new recruitment drive.

The first is Patter Gritch and he is in Lothering. You need to get him really quickly. He’s standing around in the chantry building close to the Revered Mother’s office.. Just talk to him and he’ll walk away.

The second is Dernal Garrison is in Redcliffe. He’s in a little house by the waterfall, and it has a large walkway leading out to it. Again, just talk to him.

The third is Varel Baern and you won’t be able to get him until the end of the game, because this is a pretty poorly scripted quest. He’s in the Elven Alienage, right by the entrance. This will eventually open up after you have done most of the Landsmeet. Specifically the “Rescue the Queen” quest.

Dereliction of Duty

This is one of the few combat missions. We have to kill a few deserters and get their part of the guild’s supplies back.

Tornas is near a market stall by the entrance to Orzammar along the Frostback Mountain Pass. He’s standing there with two guards, so he’s easy to spot. Confront him and he’ll attack. He’s just an average thug and the two with him aren’t anything special. Just kill him.

Sammael is at the Lake Calenhad Docks. He’s in plain sight, standing next to the tavern. It’s the same thing. Just target him and then kill the two thugs trying to protect him.

Layson is the hardest to find. He’s in Denerim, but not in the Denerim Market District. He’s actually hiding in one of the alleys, specifically the “Run Down Back Alley.” Be careful, since you’ll have to fight through a huge gang. This is part of the chanter’s board quest, “Back Alley Justice.” Make sure you take the quest beforehand to avoid bugs. There’s a house in the back that you can enter. He’s right inside.

Restocking the Guild

This is pretty easy. You need twenty health poultices. You might as well turn in the lesser health poultices. Just craft them up with basic herbalism. Elfroot is all over the place so you just put some in bottles and sell it to them. Morrigan should already have enough Herbalism when you recruit her.

Notices of Death

Dragon Age: Origins Guide - Notices of Death - Sara

It’s your job to deliver some sad news to the wives of various mercenaries who have died in action. There does appear to be a possible bug with not doing the quest normally. You need to personally tell the women what happened and show them the letter. If you let someone else do it or don’t hand over the letter, it has a tendency to get a little buggy. The actual task isn’t too tough. The women are a bit spread out, but you just have to track them down and have a quick conversation.

Sara is over by the entrance to the Denerim Market District, on the street close to the chantry.

Tania is a bit harder to find. She’s waiting in one of the back alleys. The “Dirty Back Alley” to be clear. This is attached to the “Back Alley Justice” quest and you’ll have to fight a gang in order to break through and find her.

Larana is inside the inn, The Spoiled Princess, at Lake Calenhad Docks. Just go inside and tell her.

Irenia is the woman inside the Redcliffe Chantry. You might have already seen her. Just hand over the letter.

Grease the Wheels

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Grease the Wheels - Blackstone Irregulars

This is another quest that you won’t be able to finish until the end of the game. You’ll need to wait until the Alienage opens up in the Landsmeet Quest to find the last hooded figure. All you have to do is talk to the hooded person to give them the bribe.

They’re all in Denerim.

Two are in back alleys. One is the Dark Alley and another is in the Run-Down Back Street. As usual, kill the gangs there for the “Back Alley Justice” quest before you go.

One is in the Pearl. He’s standing right next to the entrance. You can’t miss him.

One is in the market district. He’s near the center and fairly close to Kylon. He should also be marked on your map anyway.

The last one is just inside the entrance to the Alienage, standing by a bridge. He’s also close to the drafted man for the “Scraping the Barrel” Quest, so it will probably be two birds with one stone.

A Change in Leadership

Dragon Age: Origins Guide - Killing Taoran - The Blackstone Irregulars

This is your anti-climatic and big reward for doing the entire questline. Once each one of these quests is completed, you will have the option to take a bit of a special job for the Blackstone Irregulars.

You will be asked to kill the current leader, Raelnor. It’s also hinted a bit that you were actually working to undermine him a bit. Specifically that the “deserters” were really just supply carriers and that some of your efforts were supplying his little core.

This is basically one of the few moral decisions. Raelnor is the one who believes that the Blackstone Irregulars can be an honorable organization that supports the army and protects the people as lawful soldiers. The man you’ve mainly been working for, Taoran, is the one who wants a more corrupt mercenary group. So it’s a roleplaying call. Note that you can also just say that you find the whole thing stupid, not your business, or too ambiguous to call. There’s not a reward for that, so it’s only for roleplaying.

No matter what you want to do, you have to talk to Raelnor. He’s standing close to the spot that the widow, Sara, was at in the past quest. It’s on the side street by the entrance to the Denerim Market District. He’ll be standing there with a few guards. If you want to sid with Taoran, you can just attack him. He’s just one guy and you should have a pretty strong group by this point in the game. Just work through his guards and then gang up on him to kill him. Loot the body and take the reward.

You can also talk to him though. He’ll sadly realize that he has to order a counter-hit on his own son, Taoran. You can find him by just wandering around the world map. You’ll find his camp and can walk right up and talk to him. Take a moment to see how the guards are positioned though. If you want to walk away, you have two options. You can intimidate him into giving you three sovereigns and just leave him be. You can say that you see his side too and just walk away from the whole affair. Or you can kill him. This actually isn’t too bad. Killing Taoran just requires you to surround him with half of your group while the rest hold the guards back. The guards die easily, the archers are just annoying and Taoran isn’t a great fighter.

No matter what happens, loot the person you killed and collect your reward from the representative.

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