Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough – Taking the Palace

Holding the Gates

Dragon Age Walkthrough - Holding the Denerim City Gates

We need to hold the city gates against the counterattack while our warden moves toward the palace. You’ll have control of whoever you picked as your leader and three of your party. The rest will be there too, but you might not have control of them. There should be plenty of Redcliffe soldiers and you can pick an ally to help out. Just call up whatever is left of the Redcliffe soldiers or dwarves.

The fight itself isn’t too bad. You can basically just hold your ground at the gate and kill them as they spawn. There are a few ogres that will come through and some emissaries. As usual, make sure that you kill the emissary as quick as possible. Otherwise they might get off a chain lightning attack and that will cause an obscene level of damage.

It should culminate with an attack by an alpha ogre. You have so much support that it shouldn’t be a problem though. You’ll know the fighting is over because a messenger will appear in back with a marker. You can tell him to send word that the gates are still under control.

The Palace

We need to break through the defenses around the palace if we’re going to get to Fort Drake. This means breaking through four major darkspawn lines. We’re in for a long battle. Save often. This is probably one of the toughest series of fights in the game.

Your allies for this part should be some form of heavy hitters. Redcliffe soldiers or dwarves won’t be that great against all of the archers, but they will be able to serve as meat shields. I don’t think we want to waste the Dalish. They are probably best kept for the archdemon himself. Golems are somewhat useful here, if you have them. Mages are good too, since their fireball spells will break up most of the groups on the stairs.

I suggest you rush either set of stairs on the ground. You need to move quickly if you want to avoid the ogre’s hurl attack. The archers are nothing more than an annoyance, but they can wear you down a bit if you leave them alone. The first set shouldn’t be any real problem. The problem is that you have to deal with the two other sets without a real break.

Dragon Age Guide - Taking the Palace

The second group is on the other set of stairs you didn’t go up. You’ll probably trigger them while approaching the next set of steps up. You should probably just go back to the start and hit them from the front. You don’t want to fight both groups at once.

Once your back is clear, you can advance up to the next set of steps and just repeat the process. Hopefully your allies already helped clear the way. Break through the blockade and then curve around the palace. We’re not going inside and we’re not done yet.

There’s another blockade ahead. There should be an archer line on each side along with some emissaries and alphas sprinkled throughout. Worse is that they are protected by a grease trap. If you can, have someone disarm the trap. It’s not fun to be slowed down during the fight. Rush the mages while the tank distracts everyone else. Some shrieks should show up too, so don’t let them rush your rogue or mage. If you can hang on, then you should be fine. They’ll fall apart and die pretty quick if you can handle the emissaries.

Go into Fort Drakon at the back once the path is clear.

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