Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough – Unrest in the Alienade

An Investigation

Go into the Elven Alienage and walk up to the large gathering. You should be able to talk to Shianni and learn about the plague. It seems that the Tevintar are running a bit of a “clinic”. Agree to investigate and move down the back alley.

Dragon Age: Origins - Unrest in the Alienage

There’s just one guard covering the rear entrance. You can either bribe him, scare him off, or kill him. Either way, unlock the door and go inside. There are a few warriors inside. This shouldn’t be too tough. Just stay close and grind through them. Once that’s done, loot the room for some gold and check the side office. There are some elves in a cage here. Go ahead and set them free and make sure that you also grab the note. It seems that there is a slavery ring in place.

If you go back outside, the front door guards will attack. They unfortunately have a lot of room to fall back and use magic, but standard anti-mage tactics will work just fine. Don’t worry if some elves turn hostile or die in the fight.

Talk to Shianni again and she’ll point you toward the run-down apartments behind the hospice. Go back there and use the key to get inside. You can interrogate an elf to learn about the latest raid. You should also check the rooms here, since one of them has the Free Sailor Sextant that’s required for the Chanter’s Board quest, Fazzil’s Request.

If you pick the lock on the last door you can kill a few guards for easy experience.

Once you’re done inside, go out into the alley. There are another few guards here. The archers are a little annoying but your mage should be able to counter them. The door at the end will lead us to the slaver’s loading area.

The Hideout

You should run into a woman called Devran as you enter. You can fight her now and take her fairly good bow. She’s a little annoying to kill thanks to the traps in the room and the larger than usual number of guards. Once again, basic crowd control with a mage will go far. You can also convince her to let you talk to Caladrius right now and bargain with him. Or you can scare her off.

If she doesn’t take you to Caladrius, you will have to fight through a few more guard positions before you get to him. When you reach a large room with two doors leading to the same place, then stop and rest. You need to be at full health if possible. Save and then go inside.

You have a few options here. If you want, you can just bargain with him. It’s crazy to pay 100 gold for the documents. You can easily persaude him to get the document for free. You can also scare him into leaving without his profits or the documents. You can not get him to leave the elves though. If you want to be the hero, you have to fight him.

Breaking Up The Slavery Ring

The fight is fairly tough since he’s a good blood mage and he’s got a lot of guards. The best thing to do is fire off a large steady area of effect attack. Blizzard worked well for me. This will incapacitate most of his guards while you bottleneck the few survivors on the stairs. Once the guards are dead, rush Caladrius and keep hitting him. He’ll sacrifice slaves for more health, so try to keep him stunned so you can finish him off.

When he’s about to die, he’ll offer to sacrifice all of the elves to boost your health. It’s a very small boost though and not worth it except for roleplaying purposes. Taking this offer will naturally have huge approval costs from all the righteous party members. Morrigan and Sten shouldn’t have much trouble with it (and Morrigan will actually approve slightly). Turning down the offer costs you a few approval points from Morrigan.

Finish up the fight however you want. If the elves are still there and alive, you can talk to either Valendrian to finish up the quest. You can also speak to him later in the Alienage to receive a fairly nice dagger that used to belong to Duncan. I believe City Elves may talk to Cyrion to get it as an inheritance from their mother.

We’re pretty much done with the Landsmeet. Note that you have to give the slaver documents to Eamon for it to count as evidence. If you don’t, then making the claims will actually hurt you. Talking to him will force you to keep Alistair in your party though, since it assumes that you’re headed to the Landsmeet. You don’t have to go just yet, but you will need to keep Alistair around.

Take care of anything remaining for the Landsmeet and then go over to the Palace.

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