Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough: Orzammar Side Quests

The Chant in the Deep

If you walk through the commons, you should be able to see a dwarf in chantry robes. Brother Burkel hopes to open a chantry in Orzammar. He can’t get the Shaperate to agree though. You can actually just say that he has no right to impede on their religion. That officially ends the quest.

If you want to help, then just say you’ll talk to the Shaper of Memories. Note that Sten doesn’t like you helping the chantry. To solve this, you actually need to drag the conversation on a bit. Sten should mention something about the Qun behind the only true way (which he has never mentioned before, so I get the feeling this is a ghost of discarded conversation threads). You should be able to pass a persuasion check telling him that if it’s the true way they’ll come to it on their own over time. This will mean that there is no approval loss.

The rest is pretty simple though. Just go over to the Shaperate in the Diamond Quarters. You shouldn’t have much trouble convincing the Shaper of Memories to allow the chantry into Orzammar. It’s coming anyway, so it might as well be brought in by a dwarf.

Go back to Brother Burkel with your good news. He’ll thank you and actually open up a small chapel in the Commons.

A Cute Nug

This is just a quick little quest. If you have fairly high approval or a romance with Leliana, then she should happily mention that she’d like to have a cute nug as a pet. Once she mentions this, you can talk to the Idle Dwarf in Dust Town. He’s over to the side by the suspicious door you take to enter the Carta Hideout. If you look behind him, you’ll see that he apparently captures and butchers nugs. If you talk to him, then you can ask if he would be able to catch a nug for a pet. You can offer him money if you want. He’s very happy with twenty silvers, although you shouldn’t have to pay him anything if you don’t want.

Once he agrees, you can just leave the area and come back. He’ll have a large tame nug. You can pay him now or just tell him that you won’t. It’s your call. The cute nug is in your inventory. You can give it to Leliana just like any other gift. She’ll thank you for it and keep it by her in camp.

Precious Metals

Precious Metals is a great quest. It’s an insanely easy way to get a ton of money. If you want to get some really nice piece of gear, then this is your way to fortunes. Go into Dust Town and talk to Rogek. Only talk to him if you have 40 sovereigns! If you have less, then you can’t do the quest and he’ll leave.

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Orzammar - Rogek

Rogek is a smuggler. He has a big shipment of lyrium to Godwin at the Circle Tower. If you have any persuasion you should be able to get the lyrium for 40 gold. This is a good investment. Now, you should remember Godwin from the Circle Tower quest. He’s the guy hiding in the closet during the attack. If you haven’t done it yet, then he’ll be there when you do it.

If you just don’t want to do this one, you can threaten to turn him into the guards. He’ll attack you. Just kill him and take the 20 sovereigns off of his body. If you sided with the Templars in Broken Circle, then Godwin will have been killed as part of the cleansing. He won’t believe you when you say that the mages are gone. He’ll then attack just as if you were threatening to arrest him,

Before you go to the Circle Tower, I suggest you look into doing An Unlikely Scholar. You might as well get two birds with one stone.

Godwin is waiting on the second floor, right by the same closet he was hiding in before. Talk to him and hand the lyrium over. You should be able to use persuasion to get more money out of him. He’ll normally pay 50, but you can talk him up to 60 or even 65 and a crow dagger. You can also blackmail him for another 8 sovereigns (He’s acting as a drug dealer, so he wants to keep it quiet). Travel back to Rogek. He’ll try to stiff you and give you a 10 gold finder’s fee. You can talk him up to 25.

And with that, you’ve just made some easy money.

An Unlikely Scholar

As you’re walking through the commons, you should find a dwarf girl called Dagna. She apparently wants to study as a mage and bring the knowledge of lyrium forging to the mages. She can’t leave to ask though, so she wants you to do it.

You’ve got a few outcomes for this one and it partly depends on what you did in the Circle Tower (or what you will do if you haven’t done the quest). I suggest you pick up the Precious Metals quest if you can, since this will save you a trip to the Circle Tower.

Now, if you chose the Templars, this is easy. Greagoir will not allow her to come no matter what. So you can go and ask if you want and then just return the bad news.

If you chose the mages, the First Enchanter Irving will be more open to it. He shouldn’t be too hard to convince, especially since an extra set of hands can be used to help rebuild the tower. You can then just tell Dagna the good news. Go ahead and ask for a reward. She’ll either give you some lyrium or a rune.

You can also convince her to just stay in Orzammar to honor her father’s wishes. It’s your call.

Note that if she leaves and you tell her father inside Janar Armor, then he’ll be very angry and refuse to sell to you. I suggest that you don’t tell him.

A Mother’s Hope

This quest is fairly easy, since the answer will basically fall right in your lap. You can get this quest by talking to the dwarf woman, Filda. She’s praying near the large statue by Janar’s Armor. If you talk to her, she will ask you to please look for her son in the Deep Roads. He’s been missing for a long time but she thinks that he is still alive.

Dragon Age: Origins Guide - Orzammar - Filda

You’ll find her son, Ruck, in Ortan Thaig. You’ll pass right by him during the third part of the main quest. He’ll trigger a bunch of spiders to ambush you the first time, but he can be calmed down after that. You just have to be nice and convince him that you aren’t after his claim. It’s pretty handy to have a merchant down here, so it’s worth it.

You’ll probably need to talk to him again after calming him down to get the option to talk about his mother. He’ll understand and beg that you just tell her that he died. He feels like he’s too far gone to deserve her love.

When you go back to the surface, you can either tell her the truth or honor his wish. It all turns out about the same anyway. You’ll receive a few sovereigns for your trouble.

Zerlinda’s Woes

This woman is in the back area of Dust Town. She’ll ask for five silvers. If you give them to her, she’ll mention her problem. It seems that she has given birth to a casteless child and her family has disowned her because of it. You can offer to help.

This is mainly for roleplaying purposes, so just do what you want. You can talk to her father in Tapster’s Tavern in the commons. With enough persuasion he’ll agree to take her back. If you helped establish a chantry, you can offer her shelter in there. You can also just persuade her to toss the child into the deep roads and forget about it. It’s all your call.

Exotic Methods

This is a fairly quick quest you can get inside the Royal Palace. Once you gain entry through the main quest, you should be able to walk past the guards. Once you’re inside, you should be able to find one dwarf mourning the loss of another. It seems that she’s been poisoned. We need to mix up a special poultice base off of recipe.

The ingredients aren’t too bad. You should be able to find elfroot easily. You just need four. You’ll also need a flask and a concentrator agent. You can get these from any bartenders. The last ingredient is two lifestones. I practically tripped over these things in the Deep Roads and it seems like a fair number of random enemies drop them and several merchants sell them. Just pick them up.

The only real trick is that you have to have someone with four skills in Herbalism make it. This might mean waiting a bit while you level up more. That said, it’s a fairly pointless and fruitless quest. We don’t get anything besides as thank you and a little experience

Thief in the House of Learning

This is a quick quest you should come across while you’re at the Shaperate. Assistant Milldrate will call out to you for help and ask that you track down a rare book that someone apparently stole. He thinks the thief went to Dust Town to pawn it, so head on over to Dust Town.

The thief is the suspicious looking bald man called Corebit. He’s standing by Rogek and Alimar’s Shop. Just talking to him will make him hostile, so there’s no way out of a fight. He’s all by himself though, so just cut him down. Loot his body to find a ticket mentioning a meeting at the Proving.

Move to the Proving and turn to the left. The man with the book should be waiting with a few thugs in one of the side rooms. His name is Fixer Gredin. He’s pretty easy to kill, especially if you’ve fought any of the other groups of Blackstone deserters or false witnesses. It’s about on the same level.

Once he’s dead, you can grab the book off of his body. There’s another dwarf here though. Jertrin is the guy who was going to fence it. He’ll pay a few sovereigns for the book. Now, note that if you aren’t that interested in roleplaying you should just sell it. There is absolutely no reward or benefit to taking the book back to Milldrate. He’ll just say thank you. Make your decision and turn in the book to either one to finish the quest.

Caged in Stone

This is a bit of a secret quest inside the palace. The reward is one very good sword though. Go inside the royal palace and walk straight ahead to the throne. This quest can only work if you haven’t crowned a king. If you have, then you can’t do it.

Dragon Age Walkthrough - Orzammar - Dragon in the Royal Palace

Look at the throne to get the riddle for the codex entry. It’s code for the fact that someone imprisoned a dragon in the palace. Turn on hold position mode and move your people around. They need to stand on three panels to activate it. The first one is a large pressure plate right outside the door. It loudly clicks whenever you cross the room. Leave one person on it.

Take the other two over to the left side of the room. Right in the middle, you can look down and see two slightly off color tiles. They are small and tilted a bit. The form a bit of an arrow pointing at the center of the room. Have one person stand on each tile. Then go back to the first character and touch the throne again.

This will lock you in, summon your party up, and start the fight. This is just a normal dragon though. You shouldn’t really have a problem. Hopefully you can use Yusaris. If you don’t have this, then you’ll still be fine. Just use some magic to keep it incapacitated or hurt. He should go down pretty quickly.

Wait by the body and then search it. You’ll get some armor and the two-handed sword called Ageless.

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