Dragon Age Origins Guide to Solo Play as an Arcane Warrior (PS3) - Describes spells, skills and attributes needed - plus which area you need to explore first

Dragon Age Origins Guide to Solo Play as an Arcane Warrior (PS3) - Describes spells, skills and  attributes needed - plus  which area you need to explore first
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Make sure you did not miss Part 1 of the Guide to Playing Dragon Age Origins Solo as an Arcane Warrior. The two articles are each two pages so don’t miss out!

Order of Towns to Visit


Note: To successfully complete this Dragon Age Origins guide as a solo player (Arcane Warrior) on the PS3, follow the steps below in the order listed.

Tip: Between traveling to new areas, replenish your potion supplies. You will need Elfroot for health potions. Buy your Elfroot from Varathorn in the Brecilian Forest. Flasks are easily obtained at camp, (though the cheapest prices are in Orzammar or Denerim). Lyrium is plentiful in the Circle of Magi from the Quartermaster. Distillation agent can be found easily (and cheaper) in Denerim. Deep mushroom is more difficult to find. Pick it up where ever you can. Once you reach the Deep Roads, you will find Ruck who will have plenty to sell.

1. To be successful at playing Dragon Age Origins solo, you will need to explore areas in a specific order. However, until you reach Lothering, you with be forced to bring along a couple characters during your adventures. Follow the guidelines on how to handle them. Once at the outskirts of Lothering, remove the characters from your team through the advanced circle menu on your PS3 controller (L2).Once you are alone, go to the Lothering town and complete all the side quests you can. Once finished, replenish your Elfroot, flasks and other needed supplies (see General Strategy section).

2. Circle of Magi. This is a perfect area for solo play since you will be on your own a lot in the Fade anyway. There is also a lot opportunity to receive bonuses to your statistics.

3. Redcliff. Complete all side/main quests in the area. Important task: When you need to get rid of the Demon possessing Connor, instead of fighting her, take the gift of “improving your power”. This will give you an extra skill point to put into spells.

4. Denerim. Do all side quests there and begin the Sacred Ashes quest with the search for Brother Genetivi.

5. Brecilian Forest. Important task: You will need to kill both Witherfang and the Keeper. First kill Witherfang and then talk to the Keeper. Kill him and take his staff. The Keeper’s staff is a very good weapon that will help with your attacks. You will also need to get the Juggernaut armor (see Important Items to Purchase/Locate section in part 1).

6. Orzammar. Complete important quests and handle situations/decisions the way you choose.

7. End game. Use the Elf, Mage, Dwarf and Redcliff troops as needed. You do not have control over them so they are okay to use.

Guide to Solo Play as Arcane Warrior - Gaining Levels and Spells

Note: Select the following suggested spells described in this section of this solo Dragon Age Origins guide as you gain levels. Choosing them in this order will help you succeed through the increasing challenges of quests as you progress through the game.


Level 1

  • Arcane Bolt – (you are automatically given this spell at the beginning)
  • Flame Blast – Great for AoE damage
  • Heal

Level 2

  • Rock Armor

Level 3

  • Fire Weapons – Not used, but is a prerequisite to the Fireball spell.

Level 4

  • Fireball- Very effective throughout the game, especially in the beginning.

Level 5

  • Mind Blast – Use when creatures surround you to stun them. Then move away to cast area effect AoE spells (like Fireball).
  • Walking Bomb – This is used on mages, bosses or other elite creatures. you get an additional talent point at this stage

Level 6

  • Force Field – Used in offense/defense. Used after casting the Walking or Virulent bomb on a tough creature to protect yourself. Other times it is used to disable one of the creatures while you are attacking something else.

Level 7

  • Arcane Warrior specialty
  • Combat Magic

Level 8

  • Arcane Shield

Level 9

  • Spell Shield

Level 10

  • Death Syphon – A sustained spell used to replenish mana in tough battles. Retrieves the mana from dead corpses. Not kept active all of the time.

Level 11

  • Virulent Walking Bomb – Use on bosses, mages or elite level creatures

Level 12

Use the additional talent point from the demon from the Redcliff area (retrieved earlier, but used here)

  • *Aura of Might (Arcane Warrior)
  • Staff Focus – Passive skill to help with your staff attacks

Level 13

  • Vulnerability Hex – Reduces creatures resistances (even if they are at 0) so they will take additional damage. Combine this with your staff weapon attacks.

Level 14

Choose the Spirit Healer specialty. This gives bonuses to health generation and +2 magic. Otherwise, you will not be choosing any of the spells that come with this specialty. At this level you will also be given an additional talent point.

  • *Shimmering Shield (Arcane Warrior) – a very effective spell that raises armor, elemental/physical/mental resistances.
  • Weakness

Level 15

  • Paralyze – Good against mages with combination of Walking Bomb spell.

Level 16

  • *Fade Shroud (Arcane Warrior)

Level 17

  • Miasma – A sustained spell used to weaken creatures

Level 18

You will receive an additional talent point at this level. Purchase additional talent point with a tomb through a shop.

  • Arcane Mastery – Helps your spells and staff do more damage
  • Disorient – Prerequisite for Horror spell.
  • Horror – For use on Ogres

Level 19

  • Dispel Magic – get rid of “Curse of Mortality”

Level 20

  • Inferno

Gaining Levels – Skills and Attributes you will need

Dragon Age Origins screenshot


  • Coercion - Up to level 3
  • Herbalism – Up to level 2
  • Combat Training – Up to level 2.


  • From 1st to 4th level put all attribute points into magic (27 points). This is so you can get the Fireball spell at level 4.
  • Next, bring the willpower attribute up to 24 points.
  • After this distribute attribute points evenly between magic, willpower and constitution.


  • *Screenshot images used for this Dragon Age Origins Guide to Solo play as Arcane Warrior were created by Sheila Robinson.

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