Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough – Paragon of Her Kind – Ortan Thaig

Clearing Ortan Thaig – Part 1

We’ve got some more fighting to do, but we’ll get a break from the darkspawn. Walk past the dead darkspawn and the ogre. Turn into the tunnel ahead and you’ll meet some giant spiders and crawlers. These guys aren’t tough, but you need to make sure that they aren’t able to web one of your allies and take them out. If you can keep them in a fair fight, it will be easy though.

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Ortan Thaig Spiders

Advance to the next tunnel and you should see some spiders rushing out to the next cavern. There’s a big ogre fighting a bunch of spiders. You can just hang back and let them soften each other up. The spiders should probably win against the ogre. I got bored and just used blizzard though. Three spiders will drop down right on top of you as you step out. Just hang back and take care of them.

There is another big battle happening on the left side of the cavern. There are a few hurlocks trying to hold out against some spiders. They should lose in a little bit. You can just wait out the fight if you want and then ambush the spiders with a good cone of cold. Push forward and turn to the left. There’s an alpha shriek guarding a chest. You might as well kill him and get some extra loot.

Before you leave, search the little offshoot tunnel to the right. There’s a warrior’s grave back here. Click on it to search for the inscription. We need to do this if we want to get the last part of the Topsider’s Hilt.

Once you’re done in here, you can go to the left.

Clearing Ortan Thaig – Part 2

There’s a large poisonous spider here and it will run away when it sees you. Chasing this giant spider will lead you into an ambush in the little tunnel. The big problem is that a group of spiders drops down right at the entrance and they will probable surround your mage. Try to have at least one warrior hang back to protect them. The spiders themselves aren’t too much of a threat.

Orzammar - Ortan Thaig - Spirits

Loot the area and move outside. There are about five spirits and a stone golem waiting here. They’ll attack once you approach. The spirits themselves aren’t much of a threat to your warrior or tank. The real threat is the stone golem, which has a fair deal of health and can do large area of effect attacks against you. These can really hurt your mage and your rogue, so stay alert and try to keep him focused on your tank. If you can keep it distracted in melee combat, then your warrior and your rgoue should be able to deal a fair bit of damage quickly.

Once the golem falls, you shouldn’t really have too much of a problem with the remaining spirits. They’re just warriors.

Advance a bit further. There is another spider ambush, but four spiders shouldn’t be a problem as long as you rested for a moment after the golem. You can move a bit further and reach the open area to get to the big part of Ortan Thaig. The ruined city has a lot for us to see.

Just ahead, there’s a chest for the Lost to the Memories quest. You should spot Ruck further ahead too. He’s actually a little important, so lets chase him a bit into the cave. He’ll yell and cause a bunch of spiders to spawn behind you. There are eight of them, but they tend to attack in two waves. You should be fine.

You can chase Ruck into the cave and get to his little home. If you’re nice to him, you should be able to persuade him that you won’t attack. He’s a decent merchant and it’s nice to have someone that you can sell stuff to down here. He should also mention that Branka moved on, that the darkspawn have generally left to go to the archdemon. So we should at least know what we’re facing.

If you want, you can go over to the back section of the ruined city. The altar for Asunder is here. It’s guarded by another golem and five spirits. Just handle them like we did the first. The altar is also one of the four magical sites of power for the mages’ collective, so make sure you click it if you picked up that quest.

When you’re ready, you can cross either of the two bridges here.

Clearing Ortan Thaig – Part 3

They’re both guarded about equally, so I suggest you take the lower one and work your way up. Rush the stone golem and try to dodge the hurl attack. He’s basically alone, so it shouldn’t be a challenge to take him out. Rush the archers that might have triggered at the end of the bridge. These spirits aren’t much of a threat.

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Ortan Thaig Corrupted Spiders

You can then curl into the camp to take on the rest of the spirits. You might want to fall back and rest though. There is another golem at the next bridge that you might trigger if you rush the group at the camp.

Once they’re dead, you just need to head down into the next area. You should be able to see corrupted spiders running away from you. We’ll be facing these guys in a second. You can’t fight them though. They’ll just go up into the ceiling.

When you go across the bridge, it should autosave. This is your hint that things are going to get a little bit tough. Make sure that all of your buffs and spells are up, then finish crossing the bridge. An emissary will begin the attack. Five corrupted spiders will drop down in front of you and another one should drop down behind you. These spiders are really annoying and you should see that the fights are a little random. I’ve been able to occasionally breeze through this and I’ve failed horribly. It’s just a little odd.

The worst thing with the spiders is that they have a nasty area of effect attack that sprays darkspawn poison on everybody around them. This is pretty nasty stuff that does about two damage a second until it wears off. This will mean that your tank won’t be able to protect your rouge or warrior. The good news is that this emissary is fairly ineffective. He should just spend most of the fight casting healing and protective spells on himself. He might use crushing prison if you get close, but if you keep the fighting to the bridge he’ll leave you alone.

Just keep an eye on your mage and rogue and try to keep them out of harms way. Then just hang on and try to grind it out. The spiders aren’t that tough if you can manage to keep at least your mage and your tank alive. Rushing the emissary shouldn’t be that hard.

Clearing Ortan Thaig – Part 4

Take a moment and rest up on the bridge. Once you’re ready for another fight, move along the left side. A corrupted queen spider should spawn and summon up two corrupted spiders. These two shouldn’t be too rough. The only problem is that the queen is able to spray everyone with web when she drops in or leaves. So you’ll just have to account for that and not let anyone get too low on health.

Orzammar - Ortan Thaig - Queen Spider

Kill the first two spiders and then swarm the queen. She’s not much tougher than a normal one, she just has a lot more health. It will be a long and somewhat annoying fight. As you do damage, she’ll pull herself up to the ceiling and spawn further away from you. This can mean that she’ll be right next to your mage, so be ready to cast a quick spell and run. The rest is just a grind though. Slash the queen a few times and then chase after her. Four corrupted spiders will stat spawning in with her, but you should be able to do a lot of damage before they even get ready to attack. Just hang on and keep up the attack to bring her down.

We need to kill the queen spider so that you could access Branka’s Journal. It should inform you about the Dead Trenches. That’s our next stop. Before we go though, swing over and attack the emissary. He’ll call up some corrupted spiders, but you shouldn’t have any problems with this guy if you were able to win the last two fights.

Loot the area and then move on forward until you come to the dark trenches. Once again, you can go out to the world map and camp if you want to buy more supplies, heal injuries, or wrap up some of your side quests now.

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