Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough – Orzammar – Finding the Carta Hideout

Finding the Carta Hideout

No matter what happens, you’re going to need to kill Jarvia and root out the criminal carta for Harrowmont or Bhelen. So we’re going to need to do a little detective work and figure out how to get inside.

If you couldn’t guess, the entrance is the suspicious door in the Orzammar Dust Town. We need to get a special token to show to the guards to actually get inside though. You can talk to the named beggar, Nareda, in the Dust Town to learn this for a few silvers. There are two ways to get one. If you’ve walked through the Commons a few times, you might have seen some criminals threatening the man at Figur’s Imports. If you go inside, you’ll learn that they are trying to extort some money and it isn’t going well.

You can fight and kill them pretty easily. They’re just generic thugs without much in the way of real talent. You should be able to pick up the token from the leader’s body. It doesn’t spawn retroactively, so if you already killed him you’re out of luck.

The problem is that this will make Figur run away from Orzammar in fright of the carta, and he sells a few interesting things. In particular, he apparently should sell a gem for Shale. So you might want to keep him around. In this case, you need to frighten them off with intimidate instead. It isn’t a big deal though.

The sure way to get access is to go to the place marked Slum House. It’s at the back of Dust Town. This is also the old house of our hero in the Dwarf Commoner Origins, if you were curious. Regardless, there is a gang of Jarvia’s thugs here. If you step inside after you get this quest, you should run into them. All you have to do is pound the thug leader. Once he’s about to die, he’ll surrender and you should be able to get him to give up the token and the location. You can also just kill him. I say that you just go ahead and do it. The gang shouldn’t be too tough and about half of them should be dead if you let your party do their own thing. You might as well get some more loot.

You’ll end up with the token you need and the location of the entry point. Step back out and go to the suspicious door. You can now show them the token to get inside the Carta Hideout. I suggest you sell any spare you have. This is just like the Deep Roads. There is a ton of equipment you can find inside and you might as well carry out as much as you can.

Clearing the Hideout – Part 1

Head on inside and approach the doorman. We don’t know the password, so let’s get the battle started. The doorman and his group aren’t anything special. They are fairly strong and tough, but they aren’t difficult enemies. Your mage should be able to handle crowd control while you tank, warrior, and rogue grind them down.

Dragon Age: Origins Guide - Orzammar - Carta Hideout

Before I get to far into this, let me just run through the basic tips. There are a ton of carta thugs here. They are generic henchmen that you should be able to grind through fairly easily. Just lead with your tank and try to keep them focused on him while the rest of your party deals out some damage. You should also feel free to use as many health poultices as you need, since the thugs seem to drop them fairly often.

Another thing to note is that there are several barrel traps. If you see barrels in a hallway, they are probably linked to a tripwire. If you break it, there will be an explosion. It’s actually pretty weak, so your tank can usually just shrug off the damage. Be aware of it for your weaker members though.

Move into the caves themselves and get to the first intersection. There are 2 archers waiting by a trap. Go ahead and attack them and the men from the first room who should run out to attack. They’re just thugs, so ride it out. Then rush inside and clear out the archers. Loot the room and make sure you check the book called Jammer’s Journal. That’s a little side quest, since we can work a puzzle to get Jammer’s Stash. I’ll cover that as we go through.

Go to the other room on the left and kill the men inside. There should just be three thugs. They aren’t a problem. The problem is the qunari mercenary inside. He’s really tough and can deal out a lot of damage. He also resists most stunning attacks, so he’s a bit hard to interrupt. Just try to make sure that your tank is the one he attacks. Otherwise he can run through your whole party quickly.

Clearing the Hideout – Part 2

Move onto the next intersection for a quick repeat. There are four archers and some more weak thugs. Rinse and repeat for the third room on the right. Rest and then take the fourth room. There are just three people inside, but they are a mini party. There’s a qunari mercenary, a carta assassin, and an elven mercenary. The elf is a mage, but she’s actually really weak. Just ignore her until the end. Focus on the qunari first and then put some pressure on the assassin when he attacks. The elf dies quickly once you focus on her.

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Orzammar - Second Task - Jail in Carta Hideout

Note that’s there is something called Kanky’s Common Box. This is first stop for Jammer’s Stash. We need to take the least expensive item out of this one. This one is easy, since it’s just the silver costume ring. Leave the other two rings, unless you just want an injury for some reason.

Move forward and continue to the end of the lane. We might as well finish off this section before taking the next. There are four thugs and three archers in back. They aren’t a real problem, except they can do a lot of pinning shot attacks while you try to deal with the thugs. Just heal during the fight and finish everyone off when we’re done.

Get ready to take the next room and enter the next chunk of the hideout. You should be able to just charge in and attack. There are about four archers and five thugs. The drill is the same though. Use some crowd control magic and then try to freeze the archers if they’re giving you trouble. The only real change is that the archers are behind cover, so you’ll have to run around some obstacles to get to them.

Loot and then move down the next path. There is nothing here except for a barrel trap. You should be able to keep moving until you get to the jail. Turn to the left and enter the jail area at the first intersection. There is a tough thug labeled as the jailor along with a few archers and an assassin. The assassin is nothing more than an annoyance. The tight quarters also mean that you can just freeze most of them and kill them at your leisure. If you didn’t play as a Dwarf Commoner, then you can find a guy called Leske here. He’s just a quick cameo. The dead guy in the cell is probably the original dwarf commoner, since he lacked your awesome guidance and combat skills. Go ahead and free him. It doesn’t affect anything though. If you’re a dwarf commoner, you’ll find Leske a little later and have to decide on him yourself.

Clearing the Hideout – Part 3

Advance to the next area. This cluttered storeroom has three hidden assassins. They are pushovers by themselves though, since there is no one to distract you from their backstabs. Just pound them and loot the room.

Get to the next area, but be careful. There’s a qunari mercenary here. If you approach him enough to trigger him, he should just run out and solo you. He’s really easy to kill if he’s by himself. So hang back by the lootable barrels and kill him before you attack the group. Move forward and approach the next room with archers and thugs. They have good old fashioned leghold traps up, so watch your step if you can see them. Rush the archers and engage the thugs as they come out. You should be able to just charge any remaining archers in back. Remember to loot the room and have a rogue disarm any remaining traps for extra experience.

Jammer’s Common Crate is here too. Just take the iron letter opener.

Open the door and move on to the next room. There’s another few thugs in here along with a carta assassin and elven mercenary. This mage seems a lot more effective and annoying in the fight, so you might want to have a warrior do a quick rush for you and take her out. The assassin is also an annoyance, but one warrior should be able to wear him down. The thugs aren’t anything special. Make sure you examine Pique’s Common Box. Take the garnet one out of it, since it is the cheapest.

Clearing the Hideout – Part 4

Move out the door and to the next set of doors. There’s just a few more things to do. If your rogue can pick the locked door to the right, go ahead and do it. Go down the cave path and approach the chest. 4 giant spiders will drop down. They’re easy to kill and they’re worth free experience. Go ahead and loot the chest for some general piece of armor or equipment.

The more important path is the one on the left into the beast pen area. There are a few archers and a few thugs around here. It shouldn’t be anything too new or challenging for you. Once they’re dead, you can walk around the different pens. Check the pen of the tamed Bronto to find Jammer’s Stash. If you have the three pieces in your inventory, you’ll open it like you had a key. There should be at least 7 sovereigns and a Longrunner’s Cap inside.

We’re just about done. Approach the doorway at the very end and open it to find Jarvia’s office and last hideout. We need to have our big finale. Make sure all your buffs are ready and then talk to her. Jarvia will insist on a fight.

Killing Jarvia

This one isn’t too complicated. There are a few thugs who should engage in melee combat. Another group with hang back as archers. They generally aren’t much of an issue though. The only other group is a few carta assassins, who are fairly tough now that your party will be distracted. Other than that, it’s a fairly standard fight.

Dragon Age Guide - Orzammar - Killing Jarvia

Jarvia is basically a duelist. She will attack by using two blades and generally just do a standard attack without any attempts to backstab. She will also retreat to her little central area and use a bow to fire on you. The big problem with this is that each side is wired with some very powerful barrel traps. These can easily kill a rogue or non-tank warrior who rushes after Jarvia.

You might want to take the brief break in fighting as a chance to focus on kill the nearby archers and thugs. They have to be killed regardless, so you might as well take a few shots at them while Jarvia slowly takes shots at you from the center.

The rest is fairly standard stuff though. You just need to hang on and ride it out. You should have plenty of poultices for your party from all the looting we’ve done. Your mage should be able to stay back in relative safety and you shouldn’t have too much trouble focusing on Jarvia. One big factor is that she seems to be very vulnerable to backstabs. Leliana did more damage than my warriors for this fight.

Jarvia will teleport around a bit and probably retreat to the center a few times. If you can hang on until she falls, then you’re good. It’s then just a matter of wrapping up the fight and cleaning up the archers. Just be careful about charging up the steps. There are more barrel traps and they can be pretty tough on a wounded party.

Loot the bodies and make sure you loot Jarvia. You need the carta key in particular. This will open the back door to the “gangster shop.” This is our quick way out. Search the office for any incriminating documents you need for Harrowmont or just some good loot and a love letter.

Walk out and come out in Janar’s Armor to wrap up the quest. Report back in to your respective lord to finish the quest.

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