Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough – Orzammar – Harrowmont’s First Task

Harrowmont – First Task

If you decide to side with Harrowmont, then you can start this quest by talking to his aid in the Harrowmont Estate in the Diamond Quarter. This one is actually pretty straightforward and easy.

Note that you can always fight in this proving. I actually fought in the proving while I was taking a break from the third quest. It’s decent and fairly easy experience for a good fighter.

There are two parts to this quest. If you want, you can convince the two champions to rejoin the Proving. They’re both waiting around the Proving’s main hall, so you should be able to find them. Baizyl is being blackmailed. You can get the love letters he needs by breaking into the marked room. If you want, you can blackmail him for a few sovereigns too.

Gwiddon just needs a little encouragement. You should be able to persuade or intimidate him into joining the Proving once again.

Note that doing this will not have much of a real effect. It means that you’ll be able to pick them as your allies, but I figure that you’ll just want a companion for the battle. I like doing things completely though.

When you’re ready, just talk to the Proving Grounds master. He should be fairly close to the entrance. Note that you will be fighting alone for the first few matches, so feel free to poach better equipment from a companion if they have some.

Harrowmont – The Proving

I unfortunately can’t give much advice for the Proving. It was pretty easy for me. It seems like tank characters should have no problems at all. A one-on-one fight is easy. Tanks can’t be knocked down and they can easily just shrug off the damage and outlast the other opponent. Warriors shouldn’t have too much trouble either. The fighters in the proving are pretty easy to stun, so you should be able to take them out of the fight quickly and then finish them off.

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Harrowmont's First Task - Piotin in the Proving

Mages will need to be careful about being hit by the strong dwarf fighters, but any half decent mage should be able to stun, freeze, or paralyze your opponents. Cone of cold can be enough to win the whole tournament if you use it right.

Rogues and assassins might have it a little rough. You can hopefully get by with a stun attack that lets you slip in a backstab.

The first fight is a one-on-one match with a weak dwarf. The second time you’ll be against a pair. They aren’t that strong though, so I imagine that you can manage. The third fight is just another single fighter.

The fourth fight starts to mix things up. You can choose a companion to help with this one, but you can only pick from the three that are with you at this moment. You can also chose one of Harrowmont’s champions if you want, but I don’t see the point. Just pick a good compliment to your own style. My tank used Morrigan to freeze them and end the fight early. Mages and rogues on the other hand could probably use a warrior to provide some cover.

The fifth and final fight is the only challenging one. It’s your party against an experienced raiding party from the Deep Roads. Their leader is Piotin. He is orange rank, his secondhand man is yellow rank, and he has a normal rogue and archer for support.

The trick to this fight is just good crowd control. The four dwarfs should stick fairly close together. This means that a good cone of cold or any other area of effect spell will be devastating. Have your tank or warrior distract Piotin so that your rogue can start getting in backstabs. Your mage and other companion can focus on wearing down his allies. Your mage will probably be your big advantage for this battle, so don’t let them go to waste. Just keep up your health and it will be over pretty quick.

All that’s left is for you to shout out your victory cry for your candidate. Report back to Dulin at Tapster’s for your next mission. Note that the two candidates have effectively the same quests from now on, so just follow the guide.

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